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Why Every Marketing Team Needs a Quality Monitoring Program

A critical success factor for any Marketing team is achieving a clear line of sight into customer needs and preferences, which gives businesses the ability to make proactive, informed business decisions. But with customer behaviors rapidly evolving, it’s important to continue asking those fundamental questions – Do I know my customer? Do I know what their problems or pain points are? Do I have a firm grasp of my buyer personas?  What’s often the case is that we may think we know the answers to these questions, but in reality, your customers’ problems, preferences and reasons for contact may have changed. So, what if you had a real-time data source that provided you the answers to these questions (plus a few others) and it came directly from your customers?  Sounds like a dream marketing tool.  The truth is, the dream can become a reality and it starts with your call center. Your call center serves as a critical touch point that creates and nurtures customer relationships with your brand. Tapping into those critical interactions through a quality monitoring program allows leaders at all levels of the organization in all departments, especially Marketing, to glean valuable customer insights. Let me explain.

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The Essence of Customer Experience

Customer expectations have become increasingly more demanding. Customers have a shortage of time, but no shortage of choices.  The stakes are high to win and retain customers, as well as ensure customers speak enthusiastically to others about the value received from their relationship with you.

Succeeding in the marketplace requires listening to the voice of your customers throughout the entire journey of that relationship.  This is the essence of understanding the customer experience.

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Business Insights: Building a Better Strategic Roadmap

If you listen closely, customers will let you know where the gaps are in their user experience with your service or product. These valuable customer insights are often captured in different ways — surveys, focus groups, in-person, calls, chat, email and from social media. The traditional means for capturing customer feedback all have merit. However, there is often an untapped source for gathering incredible business insights and that source lies within your organization’s Quality Monitoring programs.

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Setting Call Center Agents up for Success: Best Practices in Contact Center Assessments

Imagine being at this critical contact center moment.

A customer calls the contact center, upset by a problem and looking for answers. The agent is trying to find the right solution, flipping from screen to screen and quickly trying to reconstruct the situation while reading notes from previous interactions. Looking for help from a colleague, the agent stands up to ask one of their teammates and no one is available. The agent then asks the supervisor, who informs the agent that he needs to transfer the call to another area.

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The Speed of Sales in a Digital World

Much has been written about digital transformation and its impacts – both on our personal lives and from a business perspective. The digital transformation has changed how we communicate, how we shop, how we manage our homes, how we get answers to our questions, how we analyze data, as well as how we perform work.

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Omni-Channel Monitoring for Customer Experience

Picture this: an angry customer is trying to resolve an issue that they are having with your company. After exploring your website for 10 minutes, the customer cannot find the information needed to resolve her issue on her own, so she opts to email you.  In response she receives an immediate email back that tells her the question will be answered in the next couple of hours.  When she gets the response, however it reads like someone just copy and pasted some information from a template and doesn’t have the specifics that will resolve her issue.   She returns to your website but unfortunately, you do not have chat capabilities, so she digs around further to find your phone number and upon calling, realizes your call center is already closed.  This is not a customer that is going to remain loyal to your brand.

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The Ultimate Customer Experience Scorecard

All companies say they care about Customer Experience, but saying it, doing it, and seeing results are very different. After years of consulting with many leading brands, The Northridge Group has observed one consistent trait among industry leaders: those who are the best at managing their top line growth tend to have well-designed CX metrics and have embraced the scorecard as a key component to measuring and managing performance. With a well-established CX program, companies will have real-time visibility to customers’ moments of truth, and they will be able to spot trends, react swiftly, and gain strategic advantage.

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Methods for Compliance Monitoring

Customer experience in an omni-channel environment allows consumers to reach out for help on any channel of their choice and for customer service agents to respond on those channels faster than ever before. While speed and convenience are of high importance to a consumer, keeping up with the regularly evolving customer channel preferences and customer experience methods can make regulatory compliance difficult to manage. However, with advancements in quality monitoring technology coupled with more robust quality monitoring programs, companies can ensure that agents are providing a convenient and accessible customer experience to consumers, while following federal compliance regulations that keep up with the demand of the consumer.

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How Mystery Shopper Programs Drive Improvements in Compliance

In most contact centers, customer service agents have been thoroughly trained to handle a wide variety of customer inquiries on products, policies and services. However, as goods and services evolve over time to better meet the needs of the customer, strict adherence to corporate objectives and federal regulations should remain a top priority. Heavily regulated industries such as airlines, financial services, and healthcare are at even greater risk of government compliance audits that could result in costly fines and a wounded brand image.

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