The Speed of Sales in a Digital World

Much has been written about digital transformation and its impacts – both on our personal lives and from a business perspective. The digital transformation has changed how we communicate, how we shop, how we manage our homes, how we get answers to our questions, how we analyze data, as well as how we perform work.

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Omni-Channel Monitoring for Customer Experience

Picture this: an angry customer is trying to resolve an issue that they are having with your company. After exploring your website for 10 minutes, the customer cannot find the information needed to resolve her issue on her own, so she opts to email you.  In response she receives an immediate email back that tells her the question will be answered in the next couple of hours.  When she gets the response, however it reads like someone just copy and pasted some information from a template and doesn’t have the specifics that will resolve her issue.   She returns to your website but unfortunately, you do not have chat capabilities, so she digs around further to find your phone number and upon calling, realizes your call center is already closed.  This is not a customer that is going to remain loyal to your brand.

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The Ultimate Customer Experience Scorecard

All companies say they care about Customer Experience, but saying it, doing it, and seeing results are very different. After years of consulting with many leading brands, The Northridge Group has observed one consistent trait among industry leaders: those who are the best at managing their top line growth tend to have well-designed CX metrics and have embraced the scorecard as a key component to measuring and managing performance. With a well-established CX program, companies will have real-time visibility to customers’ moments of truth, and they will be able to spot trends, react swiftly, and gain strategic advantage.

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Methods for Compliance Monitoring

Customer experience in an omni-channel environment allows consumers to reach out for help on any channel of their choice and for customer service agents to respond on those channels faster than ever before. While speed and convenience are of high importance to a consumer, keeping up with the regularly evolving customer channel preferences and customer experience methods can make regulatory compliance difficult to manage. However, with advancements in quality monitoring technology coupled with more robust quality monitoring programs, companies can ensure that agents are providing a convenient and accessible customer experience to consumers, while following federal compliance regulations that keep up with the demand of the consumer.

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How Mystery Shopper Programs Drive Improvements in Compliance

In most contact centers, customer service agents have been thoroughly trained to handle a wide variety of customer inquiries on products, policies and services. However, as goods and services evolve over time to better meet the needs of the customer, strict adherence to corporate objectives and federal regulations should remain a top priority. Heavily regulated industries such as airlines, financial services, and healthcare are at even greater risk of government compliance audits that could result in costly fines and a wounded brand image.

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How Quality Monitoring Can Be a Strategic Differentiator

Historically, quality monitoring programs were implemented exclusively to monitor a customer service agent’s performance. These quality programs were tactical in nature and inwardly focused; determining which agents were adhering to a specific process or following a given script. Desired outcomes typically addressed only the objectives of the customer service department.

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The Golden Thread: Connecting Business Goals and Measures of Success

Your company has identified its business strategy and communicated to the organization its business goals, so you’re ready to start working towards them, right? Not quite. You still need a plan. It’s difficult to get from Point A (strategy and goals) to Point B (successful results) without a map of how you’re getting there. The road map of the business world is the scorecard, and it is the golden thread that connects business goals to measures of success.

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Delighted Customers and a Healthy Bottom Line – What’s the Secret?

Today’s rapid growth of purchasing options leaves companies scrambling for their fair share of time in the spotlight. From both direct competitors to new alternatives, customers are increasingly being bombarded with a rapidly growing list of options, diverting their attention away from a company’s brand. In response, nearly every enterprise is ramping up their efforts to enhance engagement with their target customers during brief moments of time when they have successfully grabbed their attention.

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The Secret to Excellent Customer Service: Call Calibration

A reputation for great customer service is built on many areas of business. In-store employees must be friendly, the website must be easily navigable, omni-channel customer service must be consistent across channels, and call center agents must be knowledgeable. One of the key strategies to providing a consistent customer experience in the call center is regular call calibrations, in which the call center agents and supervisors meet with the quality monitoring vendor to rate and discuss customer service calls.

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Why Quality Monitoring is Valuable to Your Business

Customer Experience, Quality Monitoring

Leadership must set the tone and define the metrics for customer experience success in the organization. The implementation of programs such as Quality Monitoring will help an organization maintain consistent and objective listening and analysis of customer interactions. Other incentive-based programs can help encourage each person in the organization to prioritize and improve experiences for unsatisfied customers. Information can be relayed across departments to help shift directional focus based on what is and isn’t working from the customers’ point of view.

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