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Our Mission Statement

Throughout our firm’s 20-year history, Northridge has remained steadfast in our overall mission to help clients solve their complex business problems through a focus on optimizing business processes, an understanding of the levers which drive business performance and the execution of practical solutions that improve productivity, profitability and scalability.

Our business strategy is grounded in our core values of:


We are flexible and collaborative in our pursuit of optimal outcomes.


We act with honesty, respect and fairness.


We care deeply about each other, our customers and the communities in which we live and work.


We maintain the highest quality standards through inclusive and diverse views in all operations.

Our Commitment to Innovation

A-One Size-Fits-One Approach

What’s innovation? Innovation is coming up with new answers to new questions. It’s taking what we know and applying it to what we are learning about our clients. It’s creating custom, unique growth-opportunity programs.

Innovation is the will to work so we find your perfect solution, every time.

Deep Sector Knowledge

We know what’s worked in your field. We know what hasn’t. We know how to apply those lessons to your unique business.

Continuous Learning

Institutional learning is the hallmark of Northridge. Veterans impart wisdom and rookies bring fresh insight, all working together.

Innate Curiosity

“Let’s try this” is what you hear most around our office. You’ll never get an outdated approach.

A Deep Toolbox

With five broad areas of expertise and a team of experts, our company has the capabilities to provide exactly what you need.

A Mix-and-Match Approach

Curiosity and knowledge bring together customized, tailored solutions from our toolbox. It’s never off-the-shelf. We do whatever works for you.

Advanced Data Analytics

It’s not guesswork. Our ADA lets us fully understand how your customers operate, what their stumbling blocks are and what they need.

Businessman Working On Custom Data Platform

Our Commitment to Innovation

Future-Proof Solutions: Solving the Right Problem With Technology

It’s easy to tell you what’s hot right now. It’s better to set you up for the best tools you’ll be using two, five, even 10 years down the road.

Our knowledge of advanced technology lets us create solutions that help you anticipate and incorporate future developments in tech and culture.

We make sure you’re working right today. We make sure you’re already prepared for tomorrow.

Return on Investment

Delivering Practical Solutions and Clear, Actionable Plans that Improve Productivity and Profitability

Leveraging a foundation in operations, customer service and financial management for large global enterprises, our team has helped many Fortune 50 and mid-market companies transform their organizations, drive additional revenues, reduce costs and dramatically improve the Customer Experience.

Proven Solutions. Real Results.

Customer Experience

Challenge: High Costs

Objective: Transform customer contact center: people, process and technology

Result: $70 Million in cost avoidance and improved customer experience

Industry: Healthcare

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Contact Center Management

Challenge: Transform Sales Call Center

Objective: High-performance culture, customer-centric workflow and KPIs

Result: 300% sales growth with the same headcount in 1 year

Industry: Financial Services

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Quality Monitoring

Challenge: Financial Exposure

Objective: Regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction

Result: Reduced non-compliant customer calls by 70% in 3 months and identified 200 compliance failures

Industry: Travel Services

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Business Process Optimization

Challenge: Administrative Dept. Dissatisfaction and High Costs

Objective: Reduce manual work, processing steps and time

Result: Reduction in manual steps (34-49%) and reduction in handoffs (40-57%)

Industry: Higher Education

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Telecom & Media

Challenge: Leveraging Data Analytics

Objective: Evaluation of new technology infrastructure

Result: $100M NPV savings: optimal design based on multiple disparate input sources and variety of timing assumptions

Industry: Communications Services

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Our Services

We Incorporate Our Core Values Into Every Consulting Service

At The Northridge Group, we offer solutions to your most complex business challenges. With a robust suite of management consulting services, we can help you in any or all of the following areas:


Contact Center

Quality Monitoring

Data & Analytics

Enterprise Technology

Business Process Optimization

Let’s Talk About Your Organization

With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit and governmental agency, we have the team to help you grow.

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