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Whether you’re a healthcare payer looking to improve operational performance or a healthcare provider seeking innovations to help transform your organization, Northridge has the solution to meet your needs.

Healthcare Payers

Healthcare payer organizations (private insurance plan providers as well as public sector organizations such as Medicare and Medicaid) set rates, collect payments, process claims and pay provider claims. Among the mounting challenges currently facing payers are rising operational costs, increasing member dissatisfaction, trouble keeping pace with digital transformation, difficulty understanding the Member/ Provider Experience and physician abrasion.

Our Value

The Northridge Group offers a variety of approaches to assist healthcare payers with their unique challenges. Through root cause assessments, process efficiencies, Stars dashboarding and analytics, patient/member journey mapping, VOC insights, as well as employee training, our healthcare payer solutions improve payer-provider relations and support the process and behavioral improvements that drive Member and Provider Experiences.

Providers, Systems & Services

Healthcare providers (health professionals and health facilities that are licensed to provide and bill for healthcare diagnosis and treatment services) and the systems they work with are facing increasing cost pressures and are being tasked with driving operational efficiencies and improving payer-provider relations.

Our Value

The Northridge Group offers a data-driven approach to helping providers optimize their processes to meet quality metric goals, ensure accurate reimbursement and billing, and meet patient satisfaction goals. Our healthcare provider solutions leave providers more time to do what they do best, provide quality patient care.

Medical technology

Medical Devices & Technology

Healthcare providers rely on advanced devices and technology to perform medical procedures and to manage patient data and data analysis. But navigating and maintaining device compliance with quality and safety standards/government regulations (MDR regulation, FDA) can be challenging.

Our Value

The Northridge Group’s medical device consulting solutions utilize advanced data analytics to help healthcare clients improve and streamline operational processes, such as the automating of manual tasks, and ensure that their devices and technology meet or exceed compliance standards.


The pharmaceutical industry (drug manufacturers, biotechnology companies and the distribution and wholesale companies that handle their products) is critical to patient healthcare outcomes. The industry, which relies heavily on the collection and analysis of large amounts of patient data, has been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. Major pandemic-induced challenges include operational inefficiencies brought on by labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, as well as significant increases in demand for data analytics applications (e.g. for vaccine appointment scheduling, etc.).

Our Value

Northridge’s pharmaceutical consulting solutions help our pharmaceutical clients streamline their processes, manage and analyze increasing amounts of data and improve patient satisfaction. Our Workforce Management solutions help the pharmaceutical industry handle labor shortages by optimizing both Contact Center and back-office workforce scheduling.

Northridge Perspectives

How Self-Serve Healthcare Technologies Empower Patients

How Self-Serve Healthcare Technologies Empower Patients

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At The Northridge Group, we offer solutions to your most complex business challenges. With a robust suite of management consulting services, we can help you in any or all of the following areas:


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