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Our Approach

The first step in improving Contact Center performance is determining what issues need to be resolved.

What are the root causes of inconsistent business results or customer dissatisfaction with the Contact Center experience? What is causing high customer churn and low renewal/retention rates? Why are operations costs escalating? What is causing high employee attrition and low employee morale? The answers are often not immediately apparent.

Our Approach

The Northridge Group provides clients with assessments that uncover the root causes of problems.

Our comprehensive end-to-end assessments of current Contact Center operations and/or Customer Experience are designed to identify opportunities to achieve desired experience. We use the results of these assessments to develop detailed recommendations for improvement. Depending upon client need, our assessments may cover core processes, business and customer results, operational results and metrics, customer experience/engagement and technology, as well as human capital issues such as hiring/recruiting, Workforce Management (WFM), training and quality.

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Our Solutions

The Northridge Group will assess your Contact Center’s challenges and devise a strategy to help it flourish.

Assessing your Contact Center and customer care processes is the first step to developing a strategy for optimizing your operations and/or improving Customer Experience. We will use our assessment of the current state of your Contact Center and/or customer experience to help define the optimal future state strategy and develop a roadmap to help your business achieve the following goals:

Improve Customer Experience and engagement

Drive operational results and metrics

Optimize Workforce Management (WFM)


Enhance technology, training and quality

Streamline recruiting, hiring and training

leveraging data

Northridge Success

Assessment for Nonprofit Leads to Roadmap for Development of Contact Center Capabilities

A nonprofit focused on providing housing services to homeless and at-risk citizens engaged Northridge to improve Contact Center operations by providing Contact Center subject matter expertise for the development of the team organizational structure, workforce planning insights, technology solutions and a work location model for associates.

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Successful operations and customer service are essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and Contact Center success. But optimizing your operations and providing an exceptional Customer Experience can be challenging without deep insight into your Contact Center’s current operational shortcomings. We will partner with your business to determine the root causes of any Contact Center issues and develop a roadmap for success.

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