Everyone in the Workplace has a Role in Your Customers’ Experience

Customer experience is top of mind in every organization.  Keys to a successful enterprise are centered around realizing the lifetime value of a customer and designing work processes that create customer “delight”, resulting in their likelihood to recommend you to others.

According to our recent customer service experience report, 80% of consumers say they will switch to a different company because of bad customer service, and only half say they would consider returning – the stakes are high!

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How Managers and Leaders Can Work Together

In my career, I have fulfilled a variety of management and leadership roles. At MCI, I led multiple groups across the organization, and I felt each role taught me something new about how to be a great manager to my team, and a strong leader to the business.

It’s a common misconception that a leader is automatically a manager or vice versa. At a high level, leaders are the brave innovators, making the big – and sometimes bold – decisions behind the scenes, and managers are the faithful allies, rallying the troops on the ground.

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More Valuable than Oil, Data Reigns in Today’s Data Economy

Oil has reigned for centuries as one of society’s most valuable resources. Throughout history, those who have controlled oil, have controlled the economy. However, in today’s “data economy,” it can be argued that data, due to the insight and knowledge that can be extracted from it, is potentially more valuable. Like oil, raw data’s value comes from its potential to be refined into an essential commodity.

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Workforce Development: Closing the Skills Gap Starts Locally

As a business owner and the mother of two young adults entering the workforce, I believe our future as a productive and thriving economy cannot wait.  Our opportunities for sustainable economic growth rely on the attention we give to tomorrow’s workforce – today.

skills gap

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The Cost of Poor Customer Service [Infographic]

Poor customer service doesn’t just impact the consumer; it also can hinder your brand. Northridge’s annual State of Customer Service Experience 2017 report studied the ramifications of poor customer service on business growth, customer retention and word-of-mouth brand referrals, with emphasis on the financial pains businesses face when they fail to meet customer expectations.

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How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Contact Center

In today’s technology obsessed world, making life simpler, faster, and more seamless is a priority for both businesses and individuals trying to keep up with an always evolving digital landscape. Read any publication and you’re sure to find conversations revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping to power (if not completely replace, in some instances) human interaction. In the contact center, one thing is certain: positive human connections between agents and customers are critical to building brand loyalty. In an industry that places an emphasis on human contact, what role does AI play in the contact center and how can data gathered from it be used to improve the customer experience?

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The Power of Quality Monitoring & Speech Analytics – Working Together

As the growth of technology and artificial intelligence permeate the workplace, few can deny the obvious benefits of computer-driven analytics. Computers can data crunch millions of records, solve complex equations within seconds and build widget after widget – without ever tiring. There are limitations to the abilities of a machine though. Ask a computer to understand sarcasm, or detect emotion and it will fall short every time. As Forbes contributor, Roger Wu, once described in an article, what’s often missing is “that secret sauce – the ability of humans to read between the lines, pick up contextual cues and insights from abstract concepts.”

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Top 3 Reasons for Customer Frustration [Infographic]

As customer service methods constantly evolve to adhere to the demands of digitally-savvy customers, critical customer experience gaps can form, leaving consumers frustrated rather than delighted. The Northridge Group’s annual State of Customer Service Experience 2017 report analyzed the impact of digital developments on customer experience and identified specific successes and frustrations of today’s consumers.

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Coaching Call Center Agents

Companies spend a lot of money, resources and time creating quality monitoring programs that enhance their customer experience, however much of their effort is wasted when guidelines are not reinforced properly and improving call center agent behaviors is not the focus. To keep employees performing at their best, it is essential to maintain a proactive coaching program that focuses on using the actionable insights from the QM program and coaching to the teachable skills.

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5 Things to Look for in a Telecom Expense Management Vendor

In the Age of Information, effective utilization of technology in the workplace is crucial for growing and establishing businesses. Recently, the focus has been on corporate liable devices, specifically those with wireless capabilities. Managing these necessary technologies, however, can be complicated and counterproductive; oftentimes, technology implemented to foster workplace efficiency ends up being more of a hindrance than a help.

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