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Knowledgeable Employees Drive New Sales Opportunities!

Contact Center associates need knowledge of current, accurate corporate talking points to do their jobs effectively. Too often, employees do not have access to a central source of truth for their organization’s processes, procedures and product information or don’t know which sources of information can be trusted for accuracy.

Information updates happen frequently, and associates need access to the latest and best information to serve customers. Knowledge sharing is critical. Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), platforms which store and retrieve knowledge to improve employees’ knowledge and understanding, are essential tools for Contact Centers. When associates have access to solid KMS tools, they can access needed information more efficiently and completely. The need for them to know all the answers to potential questions can be eliminated as long as they understand how to find the answers and share them with customers.

Our Approach

Upsells are easier with a KMS working transparently behind the scenes.

The Northridge Group helps clients build and use knowledge management systems to improve their employees’ ability to assist customers. Enlightened companies consider each call they receive from a customer an opportunity to engage with and educate the customer on their products and services.

When a customer calls an insurance company with an auto insurance question, a KMS can alert the associate that this customer may be interested in a discount on homeowner’s insurance. By answering a customer’s question then following up with unsolicited information about additional products or services, an informed associate can often make a successful upsell.

Understanding the Customer Trough Data
Fast Paced Business Environment

Our Approach

Contact Centers face many challenges in today’s fast-paced business environment.

To operate effectively and deliver appropriate customer service, associates need access to the most up-to-date information. The Northridge Group helps clients build and improve effective Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), leading to overall Contact Center efficiency, improved First Contact Resolution (FCR), increased customer satisfaction and incremental sales.

Contact Center Supervisors in Training Program

Northridge Success

Contact Center Supervisor Coaching Program Resulted in Transformational Customer Experience Improvement

Northridge provided a coaching development program for supervisors in a Fortune 100 Contact Center. The goal of the program was to drive transformational results in an accelerated time frame. Northridge partnered with the supervisors of five teams over a six-week period to enhance their coaching skills and focus to achieve this aim.

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