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Category: Big Data

Rethinking Office and Workforce Models to Adapt to the Post-COVID-19 Environment

As business leaders navigate the post-COVID-19 landscape, they are finding that traditional office and workforce models have changed forever. Companies that had diligently thought out their five-year plans are having to start over because the constraints that resulted from the COVID-19 crisis were unimaginable before the pandemic hit. Ironically, while the core business values of […]

4 Ways Data Analytics Transforms CX

Today’s business environment is constantly evolving, but the consumer’s expectations are as focused as ever on the fundamentals of genuine, personalized, effortless and effective service. By leveraging insights that your customers provide on a daily basis, you can ensure that your business’s means of approaching the Customer Experience (CX) remain agile. Businesses currently utilize four […]

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Contact Center

In today’s technology-obsessed world, making life simpler, faster, and more seamless is a priority for both businesses and individuals trying to keep up with an always evolving digital landscape. Read any publication and you’re sure to find conversations revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping to power (if not completely replace, in some instances) human interaction. […]