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The Northridge Group works with clients to improve operations by uncovering revenue and cost savings opportunities, removing inefficiencies, streamlining processes and enhancing the end-to-end customer experience.

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How The Northridge Group Improves Every Operation

Every project at The Northridge Group is approached with a rigorous focus on data analytics, a practical and results-based methodology, and the empathy and experience to understand your organization.

For us, every project is unique, which is why we assemble right-sized, customized teams with operational experts to create solutions tailored specifically to each client and project.

Customer Experience Consulting

Your customers are your business. We’ll listen to what they’re saying, show you what they’re experiencing and recommend how you can serve them better.

Operational Excellence

Success starts at the top. Our business management consulting helps you transform operations by navigating the change process to drive revenue growth and realize cost savings.

Quality Monitoring

Your contact center is the frontline of your business. Our U.S.-based team of experts offers the objectivity and expertise to evaluate agent performance and identify business insights to ensure top-rated customer service.

Contact Center Management

Our team will help you achieve best-in-class contact center operations by maximizing the value of your sales and service centers and leveraging customer touch points for end-to-end, cross-functional process improvements.

Telecom and Technology

We’ll help you offload the burden of telecom and technology management with world-class services designed to identify the right technology solutions to meet your business and organizational needs.

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State of Customer Service Experience 2019

“Fascinating, packed with insightful data and factoids that anybody interested in customer experience and customer service will find extremely useful.” – Peter Lavers: Think CX

New customer experience data provides a clear message for businesses! According to the 2019 report, consumers are unforgiving when it comes to poor customer experience.

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Our Approach

How Our Results-Oriented Approach Adds Up

As a leading business management consulting firm, we understand the synergy between the journey and the destination. Across all industries, forward-thinking organizations require Management Consulting services that leverage innovative and collaborative processes to consistently achieve targeted outcomes and program benchmarks.

Our entire consulting approach is grounded in successful project resolution and client satisfaction as our primary goals. Our hands-on consultants serve as authentic partners, passionate about understanding the right problems, and providing innovative solutions that bring sustainable and valuable results to our clients.


Our Culture Of Collaboration Drives Your Growth

We are a certified women-owned business made up of employee owners, which fosters a culture of enthusiasm, commitment, loyalty and retention.

Our clients are the beneficiaries of our thriving team, having the support of dedicated, tenured and highly-skilled partners who are motivated to provide exceptional consulting services that deliver bottom line results.


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Featured Case study

Transformation of Customer Service Organization Leads to $70M+ in Operating Savings for Leading Healthcare Organization

Northridge’s Customer Experience Management Services resulted in a leading healthcare organization significantly reducing costs and improving the quality of their customer experience.

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Omni-Channel Quality Monitoring

Customers are contacting your organization across and within a range of channels – phone, email, chat, mobile/text, and social media. Our team of U.S.-based quality monitoring experts objectively listen with an analytical ear, capturing and evaluating critical customer insights across channels and converting that customer feedback into a true business advantage for our clients.

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