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At The Northridge Group, we believe that combining efforts and resources through strategic partnerships allows us to come together for a common goal. Our strategic partnerships create value-add not only for our partners, but more importantly, for our clients.

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NRG Announces Partnership with RISE Technology Advisors and Uniphore

The Northridge Group, a leading contact center operations and Customer Experience (CX) consulting firm, proudly announces its partnership with RISE Technology Advisors and Uniphore to help large, complex enterprise-sized organizations improve customer engagement through the identification and implementation of smarter, more effective, and efficient contact center solutions that harmonize people, process, and technology.

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Our Approach

Northridge has built its reputation on assisting clients with Customer Experience solutions and business process transformation initiatives driven by deep data analytics, key business insights and operational expertise.

We generally operate independently, but we have found that, in certain circumstances, leveraging partnerships allows us to effectively expand our services to our clients. We strive to build strong relationships with our partners by combining our collective expertise to add value to the services we both offer. We work hard to nurture relationships with our partners and ensure mutually beneficial, profitable and long-lasting business connections.

Strategic Partnerships

Benefits of Partnership

One of the key benefits that Northridge brings to partnerships is our resolve to be independent and solution-agnostic, which enables us to deliver the most appropriate solution to each client.

Some of the additional benefits that our past partnerships have yielded for our clients, our strategic partners and Northridge are as follows:

Enhanced service offerings with specialty expertise

Accelerated growth in new markets / verticals


Added value

Reduced costs


Mitigated risks

Combining of resources

Combining of expertise

Expanded audience

Expanded client base

Access to additional resources and talent

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If you’re interested in exploring a strategic partnership with Northridge, please contact us to learn more.

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