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Holistic business process transformation in the face of complex legacy OSS/BSS systems requires visibility and drive.

You’re saddled with complex, difficult to maintain and anything but agile legacy back-office systems and tooling. These systems house the foundational telecom and media industry data that you need to harness in order to make critical business decisions.

Yet these systems are not up to the task of keeping up with sweeping industry innovations like software-defined networking, cloud migrations, security policy management, IoT data proliferation or 5G network deployment and product roll-out.

Our Approach

How We Can Help

The Northridge Group will help your financial and IT experts unlock the complexity behind your key business processes to design systems and data repositories that will produce better business insights and position you for future data transformations. Imagine the ability to develop and implement technology solutions with very short implementation cycles to address critical problems that have been difficult to solve because funding, prioritization or long lead times prevented you from moving forward!

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Do your business and finance partners lack ready access to all pertinent data in data lakes with effective data query tools?
  • Is it cost-prohibitive to incrementally improve, let alone transform, your bloated legacy OSS/BSS systems?
  • Do your critical business processes begin as email or excel file and fail to evolve into appropriate platforms for the volume, scope and success of your telecom and media business?
  • Does your organization lack adequate resources and insights to tackle even targeted, short-term initiatives?
  • Would a big data analytics initiative of viewership, circuit inventories, order histories and trends or voice records require a one-off IT and data security enablement?
  • Do IT and security requirements limit your ability to unlock big data analytics or other business insights which could transform your telecom and media business?

Our Approach

How Our Team is Different

While you are acutely aware of the legacy system challenges and data inaccuracies in your environment, you may not have access to the resources that can attack these challenges outside of IT development cycles and processes.

Our team has deep telecom, media system and data experience that you can leverage to deliver short-term tactical data analyses, big data analytics or longer-term IT transformation initiatives. We understand telecom system flows, processes and typical data gaps so we can rapidly identify common industry system problems and develop solutions and tooling.

Infrastructure Design Work

Northridge Success

Global Enterprise Achieved $400M in Network Cost Savings Through a Multi-Year, Multi-Pronged Cost Improvement Plan

A global enterprise requested a fresh look at its network cost structure to identify an approach for achieving best-in-class cost profile. Northridge was engaged to perform a cost analysis and to develop an implementation roadmap for delivering best-in-class network cost performance.

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Northridge’s Telecom & Media Consulting Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive telecom and media marketplace, running your business using complex, non-agile legacy OSS/BSS systems becomes increasingly difficult and expensive. The Northridge Group will rapidly identify holistic business processes and appropriate technology and tooling that can be deployed to connect data together in short timeframes and in turn unlock valuable insights.

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