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Achieving a World Class Financial Operation

World-class financial operations require comprehensive data access and process excellence. They are fundamentally founded on data based upon single sources of truth. While this concept is simple in principle, it is often difficult for the fast-paced and complex telecom and media firms of today to access and process such data efficiently.

The Northridge Group will help your financial and operational leadership teams define and establish optimized processes to ensure financial metrics are visible from quote to cash…from business case to implementation. Your organization will leverage the deep telecom and media industry experience our seasoned consultants have refined while successfully transforming access ordering (ASR) processes, complex sales pricing and RFP quoting, CABS carrier billing processes and tooling for our telecom carrier, cable and tower infrastructure clients.

What Does Financial Operations Excellence Look Like?

  • Does senior management have the ability and confidence to rely on a single source of truth for all financial and operational outcomes?
  • Are your processes optimized through appropriate technology that enables required governance and controls?
  • Are there still stand-alone, siloed organizations, functions or processes that continue to be difficult to pull into corporate data streams and therefore align with the corporate mission to drive it forward?
  • Are critical business cases and the management of scarce capital resources tracked throughout their life cycles with results reflecting on the sponsor organizations?
  • Do existing tools and processes, often fraught with complexity of legacy systems or prior corporate acquisitions, allow an accurate view of all direct and shared costs?
  • Does your capital planning process have financial rigor and consider multiple sensitivities? Is it followed-up with a tight program of validating the success of the business case?
  • Are your staff enabled with data query and analysis tools and training to drive success and efficiency from your finance team?
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How Our Team Is Different

We understand that you’re busy managing your day-to-day organizational expectations which makes it difficult to step back and critically assess the performance of current processes and technology as well as plan for the digital transformation required in your business model to serve your increasingly demanding customer base.

Our team has the deep telecom and media industry experience that enables your team to stay focused on the critical tasks while we roll up our sleeves and hit the ground running to identify opportunities for transformative change. We’ve seen what works and, frankly, what doesn’t work in your complex industry and we understand the systems, processes, jargon and challenges. Leveraging our proven industry experience gives you the freedom to rise above the daily tasking to rapidly identify opportunities for improvement and immediately move toward transformational financial and operational excellence.

Cost Transformation Case Study

Northridge Success

$40M In-Year Cost Savings through Program Management

A Fortune 50 company challenged the team to identify and implement $30M of in-year expense savings. Success was dependent on cross-functional participation and a disciplined infrastructure to identify, track and measure results

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Northridge Perspectives

The Crucial Connection Between CX Tech & Training

The Crucial Connection Between CX Tech & Training

Customer Experience (CX) technology is evolving rapidly, leaving many businesses struggling to keep pace. Companies that focus on people, process, and technology have not only adapted but thrived.
Understanding the connection between technology and training is important for a successful contact center. This includes AI, cloud, and other technologies. It also involves investing in training, change management, and clear processes to support the technology.

The Art and Science of Fiber-Build Modeling

The Art and Science of Fiber-Build Modeling

The wireline telecommunications industry is enjoying increased demand for fiber broadband services, which is great for the asset utilization of previous investments, but also points to the need to expand their fiber networks before another entity enters the market...

Northridge’s Telecom & Media Consulting Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive telecom and media marketplace, running your business is more challenging than ever. The Northridge Group leverages big data analytics to unlock business insights for better decision-making. Our experts can help you align difficult CapEx and OpEx management decisions with your corporate goals.

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