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Diversity & Inclusion

A Mission of Diversity and Inclusion for a Stronger Team

Diverse Women-Led Team

About Us

Our Commitment to Excellence Starts with Who We Are

The Northridge Group is more than just a company. We are a team – a family – committed to building a growing and open environment that fosters compassion, understanding and respect. It is by encouraging and embracing the many diverse voices and ideas that make up our community that we become the best version of ourselves.

We firmly believe our ability to innovate and evolve is dependent on making sure employees of all backgrounds feel valued and heard. Diverse perspectives lead to expanded creativity, enhanced problem-solving and a stronger team. We are excited to continue to push forward a mission of diversity and inclusion that is reflected in our team, our initiatives and our ongoing innovation.

About Us

Empowering Employees Through Learning and Growth Driven Partnerships

We partner with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) firm that provides learning resources to help Northridge team members develop skills like empathy and cultural competence, which are crucial for achieving our business outcomes and creating a safe and inclusive workplace.

About Us

Proud to be a WBENC-Certified Women-Owned Business

Co-founded in 1999 by Therese Fauerbach, The Northridge Group has been a woman-owned business since the beginning. We continue to maintain our certification as a majority women-owned-and-operated business from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

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