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Contact Center Voice Routing Technology

Our Approach

Among the most fundamental technologies powering any Contact Center are its voice and omni-channel routing and management technologies.

The contact management platform not only routes and queues customer interactions, but it’s also the enabling or limiting factor when it comes to deploying advanced capabilities required to enhance Customer Experience and lower operating costs.

Our Approach

However, not all contact management platforms are created equally and upgrading or transitioning to a new Contact Center management solution can be a complicated process, necessitating a large capital investment with operational impacts.

Changing your core Contact Center technology platform requires a comprehensive understanding of the impact to:

  • Other Contact Center technologies
  • Existing processes and operations
  • Reporting and KPI management

… and nearly all other aspects of the Contact Center.

Contact Center Meeting Discussing Technology Transition

Northridge can help define a migration plan that is tailored to your unique business challenges and priorities while leveraging best practices and industry-leading insights.

We help businesses develop effective strategic planning processes that include the assessment of:

Current and future

state capabilities required to achieve desired Customer Service goals and expectations

Network readiness

and implications to telephony and other contact center technologies


on operations, process flows, and agent skill sets and career paths


vs. Premise-based solutions


Financial analysis

and business case development

Omni-channel and Voice Routing

Our Approach

Migrating your contact management platform can enable transformative changes to your Customer Experience and operations, creating significant business impact.

Leveraging Northridge as an experienced partner specializing in technology assessments, sourcing, and migration will increase your likelihood of success while simplifying your transitional process and accelerating your benefits realization.

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Customer Experience on Digital Channels

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State of Customer Service Experience 2020-2021

In today’s marketplace, reducing customer effort is one of the most effective ways to drive growth and ensure loyalty. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the need for companies to make the customer experience as effortless as possible. Online shopping and digital tools have become the ”new normal” and the need for self-service options enabling faster, easier ways to contact companies for service issues and inquiries has never been greater. The challenges this digital transformation presents for companies will continue post-pandemic, yet most companies are not adequately prepared.

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