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Omni-Channel Speech Analytics

Our Approach

Behavioral, speech and text analytics solutions have dramatically transformed quality management programs and are critical tools for taking Contact Center monitoring standards to the next level.

Together, they have great potential to quickly and seamlessly identify major pain points, drivers of effort, challenges faced when contacting customer service and other Customer Experience issues. Our approach begins with taking the data in at a glance and prioritizing deeper analyses that allows the data to become more detailed and curated to glean the most insights.

Our Approach

How We Provide Value

Our state-of-the-art behavioral and speech analytics solutions have the power to ingest and analyze large volumes of data through an omni-channel lens to identify, quantify and prioritize the macro-level issues that impact Customer Experience and operational efficiency. Our capability extends to transcribing calls and integrating other data sources like chat, email and customer and product information to unleash powerful insights that can be mined in multiple ways. Once the problem areas have been identified, we use human-assisted monitoring to listen to a statistically valid sampling of calls to gather more information regarding specific drivers of issues, root causes and interdependencies.

With this deep understanding of the problem, impact and root causes, our quality team is well-positioned to share potential solutions and recommendations with our clients’ Contact Center and business leadership teams. Utilizing a closed-loop communication process, our quality team can also go back to listen to a sampling of those targeted call types or processes after the improvements have been made to confirm that specific improvements and benefits have been realized.

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Our Approach

Speech Analytics & Human Listening

To fully leverage the value created by behavioral and speech analytics tools, Northridge uses them in tandem with our human-assisted quality monitoring programs.

This combined approach allows us to identify customer pain points, drivers of repeat calls and opportunities to resolve issues in each customer’s channel of choice, achieving improved Customer Experience and a dramatic reduction in operational costs.

Our Solutions

How do we integrate the power of speech analytics with human-assisted quality monitoring programs?

Analytics Powered Platform

We leverage an advanced behavioral and speech analytics platform that helps clients improve Customer Experience, sales conversion, agent performance, product intelligence, marketing effectiveness and compliance.

Interaction Targeting

We score interactions on Customer Experience and agent performance using our platform’s highly sophisticated, proprietary algorithms that enable us to zero in on interactions with extremely positive and negative ratings.

Root Cause Analysis

We utilize a research-backed insight library to diagnose the root cause of good and bad Customer Experience and agent performance.


Custom Search

We create custom insight categories to make it easy for clients to mine insights unique to their business.

Insight to Action

We have the deep data science and Customer Experience expertise required to help clients uncover, interpret and take action on the most important insights.

Change Management

We provide change management processes and practices to help clients navigate the internal complexities of enacting change based on insights.

Data Integration

Our platform makes it easy for clients to share insights with other systems such as CRMs, CX platforms and BI tools, enabling automated actions based on correlated datasets.

Customer Experience on Digital Channels

Northridge Insights

State of Customer Service Experience 2020-2021

In today’s marketplace, reducing customer effort is one of the most effective ways to drive growth and ensure loyalty. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the need for companies to make the Customer Experience as effortless as possible. Online shopping and digital tools have become the ”new normal” and the need for self-service options enabling faster, easier ways to contact companies for service issues and inquiries has never been greater. The challenges this digital transformation presents for companies will continue post-pandemic, yet most companies are not adequately prepared.

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Northridge’s solutions combine a powerful conversation analytics platform with deep Contact Center and customer consulting expertise to deliver unparalleled value to clients.

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