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The Northridge Group is a fully certified Palantir partner. We share in their mission of empowering organizations to effectively integrate their data, decisions, and operations.

Our Partnership

Northridge & Palantir: Bringing Together Insights and Analytics to Drive Business Growth

With deep business knowledge and insights accumulated from decades of hands-on industry experience, Northridge’s robust team of Foundry specialists can extract, analyze, and operationalize a company’s most massive asset – its data – more efficiently than ever before.

From operations to analytics, the Foundry platform leverages open architecture and modular construct to rapidly digest data and accelerate and inform critical operational decisions.

Northridge is a certified partner of Palantir, specializing in delivering services on top of the Foundry platform. Northridge holds all Palantir Foundry certifications, including, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Science, and Application Developer.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environment, solving complex business problems requires a unique blend of acumen and analytics. That’s the reason Fortune 500 organizations in the telecom, healthcare, finance, retail, energy, and government sectors trust Northridge to optimize business processes and deliver data-driven insights that help improve and accelerate business performance.


Foundry: The Operating System for the Modern Enterprise

Northridge’s core competencies in data analytics align perfectly with the Foundry platform, resulting in a fully integrated approach that we have leveraged in a variety of ways:

Ontology creation and design as a foundation for operational applications

Exploration, analysis, and presentation of diverse data sets

Develop, maintain, and validate data pipelines

Build, evaluate, deploy, and manage model pipelines designed to address clients’ business objectives

Northridge augments the Foundry platform in a variety of ways, ensuring the right method of action for every unique business need.

Here are some ways Northridge utilizes Foundry to support clients:

Collect and analyze data from a variety of sources

Develop Workflows and Automation

Visualize data to identify patterns and trends

Create custom applications and dashboards

Our Services

Leverage Streamlined Data to Enhance Your Operations

The Northridge Group offers industry expertise in a variety of areas to meet your business needs. Learn how we can leverage our partnership with Palantir to help you connect your data and operations for optimized decision-making.



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With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit and governmental agency, we have the team to help you grow.

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