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CX 2023 Report Booklet

The Northridge Group’s State of Customer Experience 2023 research report reveals a surge in preference for online agent chat versus phone amongst 18-35-year-olds—the first time online chat has eclipsed phone!

CX 2023 Report Booklet
Creating Loyalty and Attracting Customers

Our Approach

Attract New Customers and Create Long Term Value and Loyalty

In an era of unparalleled choice and endless communication options, customer loyalty can’t be taken for granted. It has to be earned, day by day, interaction by interaction, and within every channel.

At The Northridge Group, we’ll help you create a Customer Experience that is exemplary, seamless and effortless while enhancing omni-channel processes to better manage your customer’s end-to-end journey.

Our Customer Experience Consulting Methodology

Our methodology is designed to help you maximize the value of every customer interaction and leverage diverse touch points for comprehensive, cross-functional insights and process improvements. We help you…


processes from your customer’s view point


cross-functional enablers required to fulfill business and customer objectives


multi-channel processes, systems and operational support to meet the vision


visibility and accountability through metrics and scorecards


results as a prioritized part of your culture

Customer Experience on Digital Channels

Northridge Insights

State of Customer Service Experience 2020-2021

In today’s marketplace, reducing customer effort is one of the most effective ways to drive growth and ensure loyalty. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified the need for companies to make the customer experience as effortless as possible. Online shopping and digital tools have become the ”new normal” and the need for self-service options enabling faster, easier ways to contact companies for service issues and inquiries has never been greater. The challenges this digital transformation presents for companies will continue post-pandemic, yet most companies are not adequately prepared.

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Northridge Perspectives

Hidden Savings Opportunities for Healthcare Contact Centers

Hidden Savings Opportunities for Healthcare Contact Centers

Contact centers represent an essential arm of the healthcare industry. When patients have questions or concerns regarding their billing and other logistical issues, they need to be able to seek the answers they need without tying up the resources of their physician’s...

Leverage Healthcare Technology to Enhance Patient Retention

Leverage Healthcare Technology to Enhance Patient Retention

If healthcare managers and small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) healthcare practitioners can agree on anything, it’s that acquiring new patients is both costly and challenging. Conversely, retaining existing patients is far more achievable and economically viable,...

Improve Medicare Star Rating Numbers by Teaching Kindness

Improve Medicare Star Rating Numbers by Teaching Kindness

Recent adjustments to the Medicare star rating system have had a negative impact on countless insurers, hospitals, and care providers. Entities that provide Medicare Advantage Plans have been hit particularly hard, as the adjustments may have dropped their star...

Additional Customer Experience Services

Workforce Management & Audit Benchmarking

Contact Center Optimization

Customer Experience Assessment


Customer Journey Mapping

Employee Knowledge Management

Resource Utilization Strategy

Contact Center Capacity Planning


Contact Center Design

Our Team is Built to Improve Your Customer Experience

At The Northridge Group, we bring decades of experience and a truly collaborative effort to every one of our client projects.

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