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Our Approach

The Crippling Cost of Non-Compliance

Every customer wants a convenient and accessible way to conduct business with a brand, but in many organizations, customer interactions can present risks – either corporate or regulatory. These risks can become burdensome for companies, having to continuously train, monitor and coach Contact Center agents on policies and regulations. The Northridge Group specializes in helping clients mitigate the risk of costly regulatory fines and threats to business and brand.

Our Approach

How Northridge Can Help

Our highly-trained assessors will partner with your team to deliver the knowledge, scope, transparency and consistency required to effectively monitor for compliance across the various voice and digital channels in your Contact Center. Using key metrics, Northridge monitors and reports on performance, ensuring that all customer channels meet corporate and regulatory standards. Follow-up action plans and reporting highlight gaps and prescribe practical strategies for compliance improvements.

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Our Solutions

Key Offerings of Northridge’s Compliance Monitoring Program

Your organization can’t avoid the strict, regulatory requirements governing your industry.

With Northridge, you gain access to a quality monitoring partner that has the experience and resources to deliver best-in-class compliance monitoring solutions for your Contact Centers.

Targeted Program Goals & Critical Compliance Needs

Identify industry and organization compliance and risk management needs to structure the compliance monitoring program across calls, emails, web/chat and social media with multi-language monitoring capabilities for internal and/or outsourced Contact Centers. Examples of regulatory compliance measures include:

  • Dodd-Frank Act
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Disclosures

Actionable Feedback

Identify and highlight critical gaps in compliance and services measured against the success factors outlined in the key program goals. Identify areas of improvement to the level of specificity that is needed to tailor the coaching to meet regulatory requirements.

Assessment of Current State Compliance

Conduct a baseline assessment across all relevant channels to identify compliance adherence, as well as Customer Experience enhancement opportunities.

Contact Center Agents following Compliancy Regulations

Northridge Success

Compliance Monitoring Program Allows Leading Financial Services Firm to Achieve 16% Improvement in Financial Service Compliance Within One Year

Financial Services firms face increasing federal regulatory requirements. Non-compliance creates significant financial risk, while compliance creates real operational challenges, especially for customer service organizations that interact directly with consumers.

We designed and implemented a compliance monitoring program specific to the regulations that created the greatest risk for our client.

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Our Solutions

What Makes Our Quality Monitoring Different?

Experienced Team

A highly-trained, U.S.-based monitoring team comprised of behavioral psychologists and multilingual customer service professionals.

Program Design Knowledge

A three-point program design (vs. a checkbox approach), which provides deeper insight into changes in call quality and drives performance with tight correlation to critical KPIs.

Monitoring Sophistication

An omni-channel quality monitoring solution, allowing evaluation of calls, email, chat and social media channels.

Actionable Insights

Actionable, business and behavioral-based insights that enable meaningful operational improvements and targeted coaching between supervisors and agents.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Robust, dynamic and drillable reporting using our business intelligence platform accessible through our self-service reporting portal, enabling transparency and real-time access to monitoring results.

Northridge Perspectives

The Importance of Quality Monitoring for Government Agency Contact Centers

The Importance of Quality Monitoring for Government Agency Contact Centers

Quality Monitoring is an essential tool used by many businesses to improve customer experience in their contact centers. Quality Monitoring programs leverage call listening, screen monitoring, and advanced data analytics to identify issues faced by individual associates as well as overall operational issues. When Quality Monitoring processes identify specific behavioral issues in individual associates, the behaviors can usually be quickly corrected with monitoring, agent and call level reporting, insights, recommendations, training programs, and/or customized coaching.

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring

How a robust QM program can remake the CX. This article was originally published on Contact Center Pipeline and can be viewed here. As customer expectations and channels for outreach continue to evolve, the contact center is becoming more and more complex and...

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