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Our Approach

Keep an eye on your Contact Center operations in real-time.

Real-time management is an essential Contact Center function. Best practice is to have a real-time management/command center team that keeps an eye on Contact Center operations and is empowered to make adjustments to support the operation while achieving service level objectives.

Our Approach

Northridge can help you establish a real-time management/command center team or help your current team operate more efficiently.

We will enable your real-time management team to compare assigned schedule coverage and anticipated contact volumes to actuals and monitor the health of the routing and technical solutions. The team will be able to make routing or resource management decisions to address unexpected surges in contact volume and determine when to offer overtime, coaching time or voluntary time off to align with the actual trends as they happen. They will also be able to determine the best way to move resources around to hit optimal service levels throughout the day and maximize associates’ development, coaching and training time.

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Our Solutions

The Northridge Group drives business results with real-time management solutions for Contact Centers.

Contact Centers that utilize real-time management can strategically overcome scheduling and coverage challenges and achieve their service level objectives. The Northridge Group offers solutions to the following real-time management needs and challenges:

Best practices for process and metrics for defining WFM success


Missing business results

Schedule adherence and monitoring

Performance gaps impacting business results

Root cause analysis

Command center strategy and design

Design and implementation support of intraday monitoring tools

Business resiliency and contingency planning

leveraging data

Northridge Success

Contact Center Supervisor Coaching Program Resulted in Transformational Customer Experience Improvement

Northridge provided a coaching development program for supervisors in a Fortune 100 Contact Center. The goal of the program was to drive transformational results in an accelerated time frame. Northridge partnered with the supervisors of five teams over a six-week period to enhance their coaching skills and focus to drive results.

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Additional Contact Center Management Services

Workforce Management & Audit Benchmarking

Workforce Management Assessment

Resource Utilization Strategy

Contact Center Capacity Planning

Short-Term Forecasting & Scheduling

Contact Center Attrition

Labor Strategy & Performance Optimization

Training & Coaching Assessment

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The Northridge Group’s real-time management services and support help our clients ensure that their Contact Center operations run smoothly and that they have the right number of associates available to handle customer contacts while also fostering an environment of customer-centricity, collaboration and development.

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