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Understanding the Voice of the Customer

The customer journey spans a variety of channels. Understanding how customers engage with your brand and measuring their experience is critical to your organization’s success. A decisive approach in data collection, curation, analysis, and utility aligns with success in promoting a positive Customer Experience.

Our Approach

Customer Experience Analytics

The Northridge Group will collaborate with your organization to provide a holistic view of the Customer Experience. We help navigate vast amounts of data, combining business acumen and technical skills to understand what is relevant and where there is value. Real-time, dynamic feedback – direct and indirect – from your customers is empowering. It drives adaptive solutions, informs your decisions, and promotes stronger brand loyalty.

customer experience analytics

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The Ultimate CX Scorecard: Using Metrics to Drive Revenue Growth

All companies say they care about Customer Experience but saying it, doing it, and seeing results are very different. After years of consulting with many leading brands, The Northridge Group has observed one consistent trait among industry leaders: those who are the best at managing their top-line growth tend to have well-designed CX metrics and have embraced the scorecard as a key component to measuring and managing performance. With a well-established CX program, companies will have real-time visibility to customers’ moments of truth, and they will be able to spot trends, react swiftly, and gain strategic advantage.

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