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Finding the right tech vendor is the difference between success and failure. The right vendor will not only have the perfect platform but can also offer education and training materials and often, ongoing support.

Managing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can present several challenges for companies. These issues often stem from the complexity and rapidly evolving nature of technology, as well as the intricacies of procurement processes. That’s why the experts at NRG take the reins and project manage your technical needs from assessment to RFP, to application, to training.

RFP Tech Vendor Decisions
We provide significant assistance to clients in managing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) effectively through a variety of ways:

Phase One

Developing Strategy

Developing a Clear Strategy

NRG Consultants help define a clear strategy for the RFP process. This includes understanding both the business’ needs and technical requirements, identifying key criteria for selection, and setting clear objectives for the RFP – all resulting from the NRG Assessment.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis and Benchmarking

During the assessment phase, we can conduct market analysis to understand current industry standards and best practices. This information can be used to benchmark proposals and ensure the selection of a vendor who not only meets the requirements but also provides competitive services.

Creating RFP Document

Creating an Effective RFP Document​

We assist in creating a comprehensive and clear RFP document, ensuring that the RFP clearly communicates the requirements, expectations, and evaluation criteria. This is crucial for attracting the right vendors.

Risk Management

Risk Management

We can help identify potential risks in the RFP process and propose mitigation strategies to ensure a smooth process.

Phase Two


Negotiation and Contracting

They can aid in negotiating terms with selected vendors. Consultants, with their experience and expertise, can help ensure that contracts are favorable and protect the client’s interests.

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection and Evaluation​

We provide expertise in evaluating the responses to the RFP, developing a scoring system, developing a short list of vendors and providing decision criteria for final selection.

Phase Three

Project Management

Project Management Support

Post-selection, the consultants at NRG can offer project management support to ensure that the implementation of services is in line with the agreed-upon terms and objectives of the RFP.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop​

With more than 20 years of experience in the contact center space, we know the work continues long after installation. That’s why we establish mechanisms for continuous improvement and a feedback loop. This ensures that lessons learned from the RFP process are documented and used to improve future RFPs.

RFP Failures to Fear

Bids Too Low

Give unclear requirements, bidders will submit low-priced, minimal bids. While it may look good now, be aware that they are planning to make profit on the backend with multiple change orders.

Bids Too High

Bidders who are risk-averse are looking to make all their money upfront. They will offer high bids on contracts that ensure their time is not wasted. 

No Bids At All

The RFP is either so unclear or undesirable that no one wants to bid on it, leaving you alone in the desert.

Legal Ramifications

If the terms, conditions, and final outcome are not clearly outlined in the RFP, it could make your company vulnerable to legal issues. This can delay the project and cost your company money.

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