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Understanding Workforce Management Needs

Business Challenge

Do you need help identifying your workforce management shortcomings?

  • Why are desired service levels out of reach?
  • When should more people be hired and how many?
  • What is the most optimal way to staff to meet peak demands throughout the day?
  • Are the tools and processes used in line with industry best practices?

Successfully achieving performance targets requires accurate planning and execution.

Our Solutions

The Northridge Group offers Workforce Management Assessments to help identify our clients’ Workforce Management needs.

Our comprehensive end-to-end assessments of current state Workforce Management are designed to outline where the organization stands compared to industry best practices. Detailed recommendations are provided for the key areas of Workforce Management related to people, process, and technology.

Our Workforce Assessments provide comprehensive feedback that is useful for:

  • Long-term and short-term forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time intraday management
  • Managing WFM core processes and tools
  • Measuring and achieving business results and metrics
  • Improving WFM organization effectiveness

Connect with a Workforce Management Expert

Consulting Team Working on Workforce Management

Our Solutions

Our Workforce Management Assessments help Contact Center leaders address a variety of challenges, including:

Anticipating staffing needs and strategizing to meet them

Rising cost per contact

Transformation from a small contact center to support growth

Preparing for new legislation and regulations that impact contact center operations

Concerns regarding WFM metrics, best practices, calculations or standards

The need for help sizing or calculating ROI for initiatives or automation

Using Data to Optimize Workforce Management

Northridge Success

Northridge Helps Large Credit Union Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs with Data-Driven Workforce Management Models

Northridge was engaged by one of the nation’s largest credit unions to assess their current state customer service staffing and growth strategies to enable them to base future planning decisions on industry best practices. Northridge recommendations leveraged data-driven workforce management planning to mitigate performance risks and reduce the costs associated with contact center understaffing.

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