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An Accurate Assessment Can Put Your Contact Center Training Program Back on Track

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Are your new hires adequately prepared to serve customers effectively?

An effective Contact Center training program is essential for good customer service, but many training programs don’t measure up.


Our Approach

The Northridge Group specializes in conducting end-to-end assessments of employee training programs.

We will assess all facets of your program, including your content, modalities, data analysis/metrics, technology solutions and learner engagement. We will then compare our findings to best practices in order to deliver practical solutions that will drive improvements in your associates’ performance, resulting in improved Customer Experience.

Our seasoned experts can provide a baseline coaching assessment to analyze the quality and style of your coaching methodologies, as well as the operational support that is in place to drive performance. This includes Customer Experience goals, coaching culture, metric alignment, time management, and coaching skill development.

Our employee training assessment will help you address specific concerns such as:

How your employees’ performance and skill development compare to best practices

Why your new hires are having difficulty performing as expected

Why the learning curve is so long

Whether the new hire training program is the right length

Why employees are terminating during training

Why new hire attrition is high

Our Approach

Our experts will create a balanced curriculum to help your employees succeed.

We’ll provide in-depth analysis of employee and customer needs to identify areas of training and skill development for improved engagement, information retention and employee confidence.

Our solutions may include:

  • Strategies to strengthen frontline leadership training capabilities
  • Custom curriculum design for team-specific needs and new hire skill development
  • Development of a process for regular communication and training updates
  • Creation of structured coaching for live virtual classrooms, self-paced online courses, micro-learning modules and in-person training
  • Implementation of pilot programs during the training development process
  • Simplified tracking metrics with easy-to-measure goals
Successful contact center agent
contact center agent using on-demand learning

Our Approach

The Northridge Group offers solutions to shortcomings in Contact Center training such as:

  • Training is all instructor presented
  • Learning modalities are limited
  • Trouble tracking the training delivered
  • Lack of tools for self-paced learning modules
  • Lack of strategy for training timeline, little or no dedicated post-training support
  • Learning gaps, redundancy, and/or improper flow for knowledge retention in training materials
  • Aged and/or ineffective training programs

By implementing best practice approaches, The Northridge Group will help your organization meet its unique training program needs and ensure that your associates are well prepared for the customer service challenges they will face.

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Northridge Success

Contact Center Supervisor Coaching Program Resulted in Transformational Customer Experience Improvement

Northridge provided a coaching development program for supervisors in a Fortune 100 Contact Center. The goal of the program was to drive transformational results in an accelerated time frame. Northridge partnered with the supervisors of five teams over a six-week period to enhance their coaching skills and focus to drive results.

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