Category: Innovation

How Virtualization Revolutionized the Digital Landscape

An often overlooked innovation that has changed the digital landscape for nearly everyone is virtualization. In this context, virtualization is the act of creating a virtual version of a physical object. There are many instances of virtualization, but the one that revolutionized computing and IT was hardware virtualization. VMware is a prime example of technology […]

Successful Examples of Innovation

Successful Examples of Innovation: Part 2 of an Innovation Series In today’s digital environment, the proliferation of new technology has become a necessity in order to meet the growing demand for easier, faster and better service. Just as customers have become more digitally-savvy, so too must the companies that serve them. The evolving needs and […]

Insights on Digital Transformation

Northridge Leaders Share Insights on Digital Transformation: Part 1 of an Innovation Series Digital technology is rapidly changing the way customers and companies do business. Customers now prefer to be social and mobile. They want to interact with a company using a channel of their choosing and have access to information at any time from […]

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