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Having the right number of associates in the right locations at the right times is critical to a better customer experience.

Developing Resource Strategy

Our Approach

The Northridge Group can help you develop a Resource Utilization Strategy.

Using proactive, data-driven WFM processes combined with performance risk mitigation plans, we can customize a strategy for your Contact Center that will help you avoid the costly spiral of ongoing understaffing conditions.

Our Approach

Capacity Planning

Our state-of-the-art Capacity Planning Model will help you predict future associate availability and compare that against predicted FTE requirements to determine if your organization is staffed correctly to handle expected workloads. Additionally, our approach will help you:

  • Understand how many people you need
  • Understand how over/short you will be so you can proactively plan coverage options
  • Hire in advance of attrition to prevent service-level impact

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Contact Center Workforce Team

Our Solutions

The Northridge Group has solutions for your Contact Center Resource Utilization challenges. We have expertise in:

Facility utilization

Ensuring continuity and efficiency across all operating Contact Centers to fit the demands of consumers

Location strategy

  • Work from anywhere
  • Hub-and-Spoke or hybrid approaches
  • All in office

Remote workforce

Hours of operation crucial for capturing call volume in core hours of operation to yield a better customer experience and overall cost savings

Return to work and WFH best practices

Correctly accounting for resources in a multi-skill environment

Outsourcing to augment staff

Northridge Helps Fortune 50 Enterprise Achieve 30% Cycle Time Improvement

Northridge Success

Northridge Helps Large Credit Union Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs with Data-Driven Workforce Management Models

Northridge was engaged by one of the nation’s largest credit unions to assess their current state customer service staffing and growth strategies to enable them to base future planning decisions on industry best practices. Northridge recommendations leveraged data-driven workforce management planning to mitigate performance risks and reduce the costs associated with contact center understaffing.

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Understaffing and overstaffing are not only costly but risky. Northridge can help!

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