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Our Approach

Northridge can help lead through change.

When business leaders are unprepared to lead during transition, an organization’s bottom line can suffer. Significant changes to Contact Center operations (such as those impacting people, process and technology) are best handled with thoughtful change management strategies and carefully crafted communications.

Our Solutions

The Northridge Group offers well-tested strategies to prepare Contact Center leaders to lead through the implementation of upcoming consequential changes. Our solutions include:

Development of a consistent approach for addressing change within the organization

Assessment of the timeline for change

Initiative impact analysis

Leadership preparation

Project planning support

Crafting of frontline “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) approach

PMO support for implementation of change

Appropriate action management – carefully crafted communications/messaging

Skill-building support for impacted staff

Intervention and/or course correction for unsuccessful change efforts

Determine ROI

Our Approach

Our strategic approach to effective communication leads to successful change management.

We help clients master the art of consistent messaging and effective communication to address changes within their organizations. Improvements to technology, processes and behaviors are beneficial to organizations and changes often allow Contact Centers to operate more efficiently. However, change is not always welcomed by the employees who are impacted. Carefully crafted and expertly delivered messaging can ease the transition and ensure acceptance. Appropriate action management allows Contact Center leaders to reduce unnecessary stress and conflict and improve employee engagement throughout the change process.

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Our Approach

The Northridge Group’s Contact Center change management strategies ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

A well-implemented change management process yields many benefits to a Contact Center such as decreasing staff turnover and minimizing the impact of the changes on associates. Additionally, a well-managed change process can help Contact Center associates become more agile and responsive to customer needs, resulting in improvements to Customer Experience.

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Northridge Success

Training Program Improves Participant Experience and Operational Efficiency for Major Investment Firm

A Fortune 300 investment firm engaged Northridge to design and deliver a structured in-person and remote coaching and training program for frontline Contact Center managers. Results of the engagement included the successful implementation of a new frontline excellence model and improvements in Customer Experience and operational efficiency.

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