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More than ever, patients and customers are making choices based on the level of service they receive from Contact Centers. They quickly migrate away from providers of substandard customer service experiences.

For many companies, internal Contact Center compliance monitoring efforts fail to generate measured and sustained improvements. Largely, this happens because in-house staff members lack the knowledge, time, and tools to evaluate customer needs, service opportunities, and agent performance. Our team of experts offers the objectivity and expertise to glean honest, practical, and actionable insights for your Contact Center management that align to internal and externally imposed standards of performance.

Our Approach

Our Contact Center Quality Monitoring Program

When you apply Northridge’s Contact Center compliance monitoring solutions, your organization can leverage a real-time focus group with thousands of data points streaming in on a regular basis. Through an in-depth understanding of your organization’s needs, Northridge can customize and create a program that will follow the journeys of your patients, members, and customers, delivering improved experience, engagement, and business performance.

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Our Approach

Quality Monitoring for Business & Customer Insights

The Northridge Group is a U.S.-based, premier provider of third-party quality solutions and customer analytics for large and mid-sized organizations that envision their Contact Centers as integral parts of their revenue strategy and service delivery. Our team of experts offers the objectivity and expertise to evaluate agent performance and the voice of the customer through calls, email, chat and social media to ensure service excellence.

Our Solutions

Featuring experienced professionals and best-in-class advanced analytics, our Contact Center compliance monitoring services successfully convert data-based insights into desired business outcomes, offering:

  • Scalability
  • Speech analytics
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Secure technology infrastructure
  • Integrated data analytics
Advanced data analytics
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Northridge Success

36% Improvement in Post-Sales Process Issues Drives Revenue Forward for a Global Technology Firm

Northridge provides Quality Contact Monitoring (QCM) services for one of the largest U.S.-based technology firms. The firm required significant improvement in its post-sale customer satisfaction.

Northridge designed and implemented a program that identified and resolved issues during the sales process that created a poor post-sale Customer Experience.

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Our Contact Center Quality Monitoring Best Practices

Experienced Team

A highly-trained, U.S.-based call monitoring team comprised of behavioral psychologists and multilingual customer service professionals.

Program Design Knowledge

A three-point program design (vs. a checkbox approach), which provides deeper insight into changes in call quality and drives performance with tight correlation to critical KPIs.

Monitoring Sophistication

An omni-channel quality monitoring solution, allowing evaluation of calls, email, chat and social media channels.

Actionable Insights

Actionable, business and behavioral-based insights that enable meaningful operational improvements and targeted coaching between supervisors and agents.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Robust, dynamic and drillable reporting using our business intelligence platform accessible through our self-service reporting portal, enabling transparency and real-time access to monitoring results.

Contact Center Quality Monitoring Meets Ever-Changing Business Needs

“We’ve been a client of NRG’s for nearly three years in the contact center customer experience management space and have found great value in the partnership. The team has a keen interest in continually making a positive impact on our business and has done so by sharing best practices, expertise, and insights that we have been able to act on through performance improvement initiatives. NRG’s ability to scale and flexibility has been a great asset to meet the ever-changing needs of our business.”


Northridge Perspectives

The Importance of Quality Monitoring for Government Agency Contact Centers

The Importance of Quality Monitoring for Government Agency Contact Centers

Quality Monitoring is an essential tool used by many businesses to improve customer experience in their contact centers. Quality Monitoring programs leverage call listening, screen monitoring, and advanced data analytics to identify issues faced by individual associates as well as overall operational issues. When Quality Monitoring processes identify specific behavioral issues in individual associates, the behaviors can usually be quickly corrected with monitoring, agent and call level reporting, insights, recommendations, training programs, and/or customized coaching.

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring

How a robust QM program can remake the CX. This article was originally published on Contact Center Pipeline and can be viewed here. As customer expectations and channels for outreach continue to evolve, the contact center is becoming more and more complex and...

Our Services

Leverage the Voice of the Customer to Enhance Your Contact Center Operations

Explore our suite of services that help you identify customer journey metrics to understand and improve your organization.

Quality Program Assessment & Redesign

Voice of the Customer

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Contact Center Compliance Monitoring


Omni-channel Quality Monitoring

Contact Center Speech Analytics


Customer Churn Analytics

Competitive Benchmarking


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