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Case Studies / Telecom and Technology

Optimized Infrastructure Design for New Technology Platform Results in NPV of $100M+

Telecom Industry


  • An industry-leading Fortune 50 services organization engaged Northridge to perform an inventory analysis with the goal of evaluating the long-term cost-benefit of employing a new technology infrastructure. The analysis included the following steps:
    • Extracted, transformed and loaded inventory records of over 30M structured data elements from multiple disparate input sources.
    • Evaluated each record against an array of 500+ variations, identifying an optimal design for each record accounting for the unique attributes, including geo-proximity to other inventory records and a variety of timing assumptions – 500M calculations in all.
    • Accounting for financial hurdles, the timing investments and cost savings realization produced cash flow analyses of the optimized designs with quantified expected savings over the long-term.


  • Through the use of advanced analytics and sophisticated data modeling, Northridge produced an optimized infrastructure design that would streamline the infrastructure and reduce on-going OPEX.
  • Through a cash flow analysis, the new design would result in an expected Net Present Value (NPV) of over $100M.

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