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Case Studies / Quality Monitoring

Potential 70% Reduction in Compliance Violations in a Quarter with Mystery Shopper Program

Transportation Industry


  • A Fortune 100 enterprise sought mystery shopper services to redesign their self-audit program, aiming to improve compliance with federal regulations and avoid costly penalties. Through a tailored mystery shopper program, Northridge conducted outbound test calls into the client’s global contact centers, measuring the agents’ fulfillment of key scoring components.
  • Through detailed analytics and reporting, Northridge was able to offer key insights, targeting areas of opportunity to improve compliance and limit financial risk.


  • At the onset of the mystery shopper program, Northridge identified nearly 200 federal compliance failures, placing the company at risk to incur millions of dollars in potential fines.
  • Through test call analysis and detailed reporting, Northridge was able to provide our client with actionable, targeted feedback to improve compliance across contact centers by 14%.
  • In partnership with our client, Northridge helped reduce their potential financial exposure by over 70% in three months.

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