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As a business leader, you’ve likely had to transform your business processes at some point or another, not only to accommodate customers’ increasing expectations but also to adapt to a volatile marketplace or to integrate new technology. The motto “business as usual” is no longer a reassuring safeguard in a dynamic business environment. Business leaders have to keep a pulse on the signs that it’s time to transform core processes.

At The Northridge Group, we guide our clients with the insights that signal the need for change and the tools and approaches to successfully implement change. We equip our clients with the means to monitor the right metrics, ensuring visibility that the changes are driving the expected outcomes.

process transformation

But how do you know when it’s time to transform your business process? Below are three common warning signs that could indicate it’s time for a change:

1. Customer Dissatisfaction. If your customer satisfaction is trending downward, then it’s time to call “time out” and assess what the sources of dissatisfaction are and how to fix them. This is where Customer Journey Mapping can be an invaluable exercise, allowing you to examine as if you were the customer to discover pain points and critical gaps.

2. Increased work volumes or longer cycle times. If the efficiency of your operation is dragging and your productivity is suffering, then it’s time to determine if it’s still relevant to your operation. A process that worked three years, three months or even three weeks ago may no longer be the most efficient way to operate. Determine primary work drivers, analyze the volume changes and trend the data to give you insight on the root cause of these issues.

3. Frustrated employees. Everyone wants to have meaningful work and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in that work. Too many manual work steps, frequent hand-offs and re-work to fix errors cause employee frustration. This is a very telling sign that processes are broken and frustrated employees often create a bad environment for providing exceptional customer service!

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