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Marcel Henry​

Executive Advisor

Marcel Henry is a highly accomplished senior executive and consultant with a proven track record of success in financial operations, business process optimization, forging strategic partnerships, and providing executive leadership across diverse industries. His multidisciplinary expertise and innovative approach have driven transformative changes, streamlined operations, and fostered sustainable growth for numerous organizations.

As a skilled consultant, Henry has lent his expertise to high-profile clients, such as the Bahamian Ministry of Finance and the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (Batelco). His strategic guidance and workshops on market deregulation played a pivotal role in Batelco’s successful reengineering efforts, privatization, and eventual acquisition by Cable and Wireless.

In the realm of financial operations, Henry has consistently demonstrated exceptional proficiency. During his tenure at Worldcom, Inc., he deftly managed a $3.0 billion domestic line cost budget, overseeing network planning, optimization, bill payment, auditing, and contract negotiations. His leadership resulted in substantial cost savings of $503 million from 1999 to 2001, coupled with impressive year-over-year productivity increases of up to 28%.

Henry’s prowess in business process optimization is evident through his numerous achievements, including the implementation of robust financial management platforms like Certify and event planning solutions like Cvent at Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. These initiatives not only streamlined operations but also ensured compliance with industry best practices and regulatory standards.

Throughout his career, Henry has excelled in forging strategic partnerships and driving business development initiatives. At Chase, he spearheaded efforts to position the bank as a lender of choice for underrepresented builders, developers and real estate brokers, contributing over $150 million annually in new business opportunities. His ability to cultivate relationships with community organizations, industry trade groups, and corporate entities has been instrumental in facilitating business growth and expanding market reach.

Henry’s leadership capabilities have been consistently demonstrated through his successful tenures in senior executive roles at leading telecommunications companies such as Pacific Bell, MCI, Inc., and Worldcom, Inc. His strategic vision, operational expertise, and ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes have been invaluable assets, contributing to the success and growth of these companies.

With a unique blend of consulting acumen, financial operations mastery, business process optimization skills, partnership-building abilities, and senior executive leadership, Marcel Henry has established himself as a highly respected and sought-after professional in his field. His multidisciplinary expertise and proven track record of delivering transformative results make him an invaluable asset to organizations seeking to optimize operations, drive growth, and achieve sustainable success.

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