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NRG Announces Partnership with RISE Technology Advisors and Uniphore

The Northridge Group Aligns with RISE Technology Advisors and Uniphore to Bring Artificial Intelligence (AI), Assisted Agent Solutions to Fortune 500 Contact Centers

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (October 02, 2023)—The Northridge Group, a leading contact center operations and Customer Experience (CX) consulting firm, proudly announces its partnership with RISE Technology Advisors and Uniphore to help large, complex enterprise-sized organizations improve customer engagement through the identification and implementation of smarter, more effective, and efficient contact center solutions that harmonize people, process, and technology.

The combined expertise brings together an unparalleled breadth of business knowledge and insights across key industry sectors—healthcare, telecom, retail, energy, government, financial services, and others—as well as a suite of services that align with the evolving expectations of today’s customers.

From employing real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics to garnering deeper customer insights to implementing employee experience solutions that optimize performance, the partnership will help ensure that every facet of the contact center operations is geared toward achieving customer satisfaction.

“Understanding the unique requirements and needs of each client’s business is fundamental to delivering a service that exceeds ever-changing customer demands,” said Bryan Gillis, Managing Principal, Growth & Emerging Markets, at The Northridge Group. “With the explosion of AI and related technologies and services designed specifically for the contact center environment, we are able to accomplish this, and more.”

The Northridge Group and RISE partnership is focused on the integration of the three most essential pillars of successful contact center operations—its people, process, and technology.  It weaves together Northridge Group’s deep expertise in employee development, operational enhancement, and business process transformation with RISE’s decades of experience sourcing and managing cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and other critical contact center technology implementations.

“Together, the firms are capable of delivering innovative technology-driven solutions tailor-made to each unique business entity and its operating environment,” said Eric Ludwig, Co-Founder of RISE Technology Advisors. “One of our first areas of mutual focus is delivering assisted agent solutions, which naturally led us to begin working with Uniphore, one of the largest B2B AI-native enterprise SaaS companies, whose reputation and client roster is unrivaled in this arena.”

Uniphore provides some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands with AI technology that can be an agent’s co-pilot or can be an independent self-serve digital agent (AI bot).  Uniphore infuses AI into every part of the Enterprise that impacts the customer and delivers the only multimodal architecture centered on customers that combines Generative AI, Knowledge AI, Emotion AI, and Workflow Automation to dramatically improve both customer and employee experiences.

“Uniphore understands better than anyone how to capture voice, video, and text-based data, and then how to process all this for real-time insights, recommendations, and other tools to better assist customers during critical interaction points,” said Gillis. “Further, the Uniphore solution delivers predictive analytics, emotion and sentiment analysis, and workflow tools to ensure data accuracy and navigation flow.”

“We are thrilled to work with The Northridge Group and RISE,” said Sylvain Tremblay, Chief Revenue Officer of Uniphore. “There are a myriad of use cases—each with direct impact on growth or operational savings—that can be realized from our Enterprise AI solutions.  We are one of the few companies in the world that can deliver them at scale and validate its benefits on agent efficiency and experience, while also streamlining service delivery.”

About The Northridge Group: The Northridge Group is an award-winning, women-owned boutique consulting firm that specializes in Customer Experience (CX) and contact center operations. Serving Fortune 500 organizations in the healthcare, finance, telecom, retail, energy, transportation, and government sectors, the company offers innovative solutions to complex business challenges. With a focus on contact center management, process optimization, training, technology, and digital transformation, The Northridge Group assists brands in achieving exceptional customer service through collaborative and value-driven consulting. Learn more at

About RISE Technology Advisors: Staying in front of the rate of change in technology is a round-the-clock endeavor. RISE combines cutting-edge tools, relationships, and deep understanding to determine proper framework, vendor selection and contracting.  RISE will curate the burgeoning transformation of technologies and consumption models to ensure our client’s business outcomes align with the rapidly evolving marketplace. To learn more about RISE Technology Advisors and how they can assist your business, visit them at

About Uniphore:  Uniphore is one of the largest B2B AI-native companies – decades-proven, built-for-scale, and designed for the Enterprise. For more information, please go to

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