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Case Studies / Contact Center Management

Streamlining Service Technician Call Inquiries Produces Savings of Over $9M

Telecom Industry


  • A Fortune 50 enterprise, with critical customer service measures tied to service technician availability, sought to identify the root cause of an increasing volume of customer call inquiries regarding the status of technician appointments
  • The ultimate goal was to reduce these inquiries and improve the scheduling and utilization of the technicians.


  • Northridge applied an analytical approach that encompassed:
    • A review of current contact center performance metrics
    • Side-by-side monitors for firsthand observations of customer interactions and agent handling processes
    • Application of best practices
  • Developed a multi-pronged improvement plan which drove $9M in productivity improvements
  • The eliminated root cause of inquiries, which reduced call volumes
  • Improved training to more effectively handle remaining inquiries

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