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Case Studies / Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring Results in 12 Point Improvement in Customer Experience Performance

Financial Services


  • A Fortune 500 technology enterprise uses multiple channels to provide customer service. Feedback highlighted that their email channel provided an ineffective customer experience.
  • Customer responses were template-based and failed to provide either an empathetic tone or a knowledgeable response. Not only were customers dissatisfied with their experience, but the cost to serve was excessive because more than one channel was required to solve customer issues.
  • Northridge was engaged to provide quality monitoring on multiple channels in order to provide actionable recommendations to increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiencies.


  • Monitoring of multiple customer contact channels to provide business insights resulted in a 12 point improvement in customer experience performance:
    • Specific, actionable recommendations were provided to improve the effectiveness of the email channel and to better align the customer experience of that channel with voice interactions.
    • Updated templates provided a more personalized customer experience, mirroring the empathy and rapport customers experienced from the call centers.
    • Insights from this monitoring also drove improvements in email content to ensure responses explicitly addressed customer issues, resulting in an increase of first contact resolutions.

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