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Case study results

“NRG did a great job facilitating the information. NRG provided tips on how to facilitate our new training in a way that coincides with the goal to increase empowerment among the agents, thus removing some of the workload from leaders. They took the plethora of information that the Consumer program had and made it easier to digest for agents and easier to teach as trainers. This is a dream come true, as we have lacked resources to really dive deep, and do this!”

Client Training Leader

Case Studies / Contact Center Training

Contact Center Assessment Redesign Leads to Big Changes in Employee Experience

Retail Industry


  • A leading retail company had been going through significant growth and wanted a partner who could benchmark the company against best practices, find opportunities for improvement, and support and lead them through a transformation.
  • Ultimately the goal was to improve the customer experience while maintaining operational costs.


  • The Northridge team conducted a detailed contact center assessment and ultimately created a roadmap of actions that was designed to address key performance gaps discovered during the assessment.
  • A key initiative was the new hire training redesign, which allowed the Northridge group to work with our client to create a blended learning training program.
  • Northridge built a program that:

    »Included facilitator led activities to encourage integration.

    »Included call listening & role-playing activities very early in the process.

    »Included knowledge checks and formal assessments to encourage high performers and allow for attrition of low performers.

    »Included nesting best practices.

Business Impact

  • Optimizes cost and resource utilization, prioritizes key learnings/consumer inquiries, and ensures comprehensive coverage of essential material. Agents get on the phones faster enabling greater flexibility to staff up when needed.
  • Allows learners to immediately apply newly acquired knowledge & skill in real-world situations. This promotes active engagement and problem-solving, enhancing critical thinking abilities and adaptability. By providing ongoing opportunities for feedback and practice, the program supports skill refinement and promotes a growth mindset.

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