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Northridge Helps Large Credit Union Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs with Data-Driven Workforce Management Planning Models

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  • Northridge was engaged by one of the nation’s largest credit unions to assess their current state customer service staffing and growth strategies to enable them to base future planning decisions on industry best practices. The scope included:
    • Review of current state growth strategies, 5-year headcount projections and the impact of any variability on staffing strategies
    • Evaluation of efficiency of current state hours of operation and resourcing model
    • Development of post-COVID Work-at-Home (W@H) recommendations focused on specific staffing challenges and issues


  • The Northridge Group used a Capacity Planning Model to forecast future staffing needs and future agent availability based on volume, average handle time, and shrinkage. (Helps plan for hiring and training needs to correct predicted staffing deficits.)
  • Four options for operation hours were analyzed to determine optimal member experience and overall cost reduction.
  • Three work location models offering remote, hybrid and office work options were compared based on staff and the skillsets needed for operations leader preferences, technology considerations, training options, engagement issues.


  • Northridge recommendations leveraged data-driven workforce management planning to mitigate performance risks and reduce the costs associated with contact center understaffing:
    • Commit to ongoing maintenance of a Capacity Planning Model and staffing plan.
    • Implement one of four options for operation hours to capture more call volume in core hours of operation. (All four yield an improved member experience and overall cost savings vs. the current state.)
    • Transition to a permanent, hybrid, work-from-home program post-COVID with clearly communicated qualification criteria, leadership and training strategies, and formal policy updates.

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