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Case Studies / Contact Center Management

Assessment for Nonprofit Leads to Roadmap for Development of Contact Center Capabilities

Nonprofit Coalition


  • A nonprofit focused on providing housing services to homeless and at-risk citizens engaged Northridge to:
    • Establish and strengthen their Coordinated Entry System (CES) Hotline and call support capabilities.
    • Evaluate current CES Hotline and participant needs and identify essential capabilities needed to provide responsive, reliable support.
    • Identify people, process and technology priorities for development of contact center capabilities.
    • Provide contact center subject matter expertise for the development of the CES Hotline team including organizational structure, workforce planning insights, technology solutions, and a work location model for Hotline associates.
    • Define a roadmap for contact center requirements, investment needed, and timeline to support their grant application.


  • Northridge evaluated CES Hotline center and client needs, benchmarking with like agencies in other states to understand essential processes and staff capabilities needed for success.
  • We developed an organizational model, job design, recruiting plans, and onboarding/training requirements
  • We assessed associate working models to understand the benefits and challenges of Work from Home ([email protected]) vs. onsite models
  • We created implementation requirements, a roadmap and a timeline to identify priority developments and sequencing, including technology and talent requirements and high-level operational processes for use in the contact center grant application.


  • Northridge provided the client with expertise, recommendations and insights, along with a  roadmap and content for the contact center grant application. This included:
    • CES Hotline center capabilities, processes, and required enabling technology.
    • Organizational models, job descriptions, guidance on compensation/onboarding/training.
    • A high-level staffing plan and estimate of implementation and operating costs.
  • Upon approval of the grant, the client will implement Northridge’s recommendations and roadmap for establishing a CES Hotline contact center, with supporting staff and technology to ensure responsive and effective care for their local citizens in need.

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