Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Curtail Your Telecom Expenses: Act Today

From traditional fixed-voice, mobile and data to the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices are a must-have – and a major expense – for your business. You need to cut costs and have effective control of your technology spend, while at the same time address the explosion in bandwidth and mobility requirements.  This challenge is compounded by constantly changing telecom services, rates, networks, and invoices.  Often the sheer volume of devices makes cost management an enormous challenge. Now add an explosion of mobile devices and connected technologies and you need innovative processes and tools to drive out costs, manage growth, deliver greater visibility, and ensure a secure inventory – all without losing focus on your core business.

Gain control of technology expenses and management with The Northridge Group. We are specialists in telecom service provider consulting and excel in freeing up expense costs for our clients. We know our clients are fed up with bill auditing and auditors that do not deliver – so we have an alternative.

Northridge’s integrated TEM approach finds real cost savings, delivering 5 to 10x ROI in-year, and provides you with a complete picture of your network.

Northridge offers a permanent solution to cost management. The expense optimization realized in the first phase of our engagement is only the beginning. While many TEM consultants and software providers leave clients struggling to maintain initial savings, Northridge collaborates with you to implement the process and tools that allow you to effectively manage your own communication needs into the future.

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