Customer Experience Strategic Planning

Transforming Your Business in the Eyes of Your Customers Across All Major Touch Points

Our Customer Experience Strategic Roadmap Delivers High-Impact Results

Northridge helps clients develop an actionable set of initiatives that, when implemented cross-functionally, transforms their business in a way that reflects shifting consumer needs and digital trends. A detailed roadmap and business scorecard further enable organizations to prioritize high-impact changes and manage implementation most effectively to deliver quantifiable results.

Successful Transformation Requires Proven Fundamentals

Using a set of guiding principles, we help our clients assess their readiness for change and then navigate the transformation to deliver a truly differentiated customer experience.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Include steps for implementation, duration, assessment, metrics and reinforcement.
  • Build a cohesive team of skilled and motivated change agents who take ownership to lead and communicate the new vision throughout the organization.
  • Communicate thoughtfully, clearly and consistently to empower your internal stakeholders to take ownership and lead.
  • Stay on course yet prepare for contingencies.
  • Own a unified vision for change, championed by executive leadership.

See how our Strategic Planning Guiding Principles helped a Fortune 50 client generate high-impact results

Roadmap for Businesses to Achieve Best in Class Customer Experience

The Northridge “Build to Differentiate” pyramid illustrates how getting the basics right and making it easy every time creates the building blocks for differentiated service experience.

Customer loyalty is earned by being great and consistent at the basics and finding ways to delight your customers in unexpected ways.


Drive innovation on solutions that matter to me
Recognize and reward me for my loyalty
Proactively offer solutions that I need
Find ways to save me money

Make it easy

Don’t transfer me around your company
Make it easy to find what I need online
Use language that I understand
Be available when I need you

Accurately and quickly address my issue

Solve my problem, completely
Be courteous and respectful
Have accurate information
Don’t waste my time

Dependable Teamwork Makes A Smooth Hand-off Possible.

“I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and partnership. I truly enjoyed working with all of you and any opportunity I have to work with you again would be more than welcome. I am eager to roll out the recommendations and I will take the baton from here to execute the roadmap you have provided. I believe that once these actions are taken, many in the company will be asking me about NRG. I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future.”

Senior Manager, Contract & Customer Service, Large Medical Device Manufacturer

Northridge’s Customer Experience Consulting Solutions

We understand how important an exceptional, end-to-end customer experience is to your business. With our suite of solutions, we’ll help you target strategic opportunities to better serve your customers’ needs, increase customer loyalty, identify gaps in your product offerings, improve cross-channel consistency, reduce costs and gather key VoC insights to drive business growth and efficiencies.

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With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit, and governmental agency, we have the team to help you achieve your goals.

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