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Telecom Consulting and Data Analytics

Leveraging Deep Industry Experience and Seasoned Expertise to Transform Both Process and Cost to Improve Margin

How to Drive Change in a Complex Industry

The telecom and media industry is highly complex, requiring partnerships with experts who have deeply rooted industry expertise in successfully improving margins and expanding market share. Whether you are a communications carrier — mobile, wireline, or OTT — a cable or satellite MVPD, or a provider of fiber and tower infrastructure, leaders like you need a partner who can help define and solve real problems while also identifying cost savings and revenue-generating opportunities.

You need a consultant who understands the practical implications of shifting priorities and challenges within your company as well as the industry at large.

How We Provide Value

The Northridge Group offers a unique, comprehensive skillset that fosters solutions, driving maximum ROI for wireline and wireless carriers, tower and fiber infrastructure companies, as well as MVPD cable and satellite services. We offer a unique blend of:

  • operational experience
  • analytical strengths
  • deep domain expertise
  • technical and program management skills

This allows us to speak the language of your industry experts, identify process and operational issues, navigate cross-functional impediments and guide you through the complexities of a changing telecom and media landscape. Our goal is a seamless partnership — one that is well-equipped to solve real business problems from identification to measurable ROI.

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What Makes Us Different

We have deep practical experience solving multidimensional, operational, and financial challenges, which enables us to deliver truly transformational business outcomes. Our Telecom and Media professionals have walked in your shoes and understand your industry challenges and pain points.

With a keen focus on understanding your unique environment, we leverage advanced data analytics and technology to drive business communication solutions that are meaningful to your organization.

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Northridge Brings Experience

“… a lot of consulting firms are very good at bringing you people, but they don’t bring experience. I want consultants to teach me something. The people Northridge brought were very seasoned, intelligent people who know what works and what doesn’t work in a practical sense.”

A Satisfied Telecom and Media Customer

Value Delivered. Measurable Results Achieved.

($) identified in Cost No Value Viewership

($) in Network Cost Savings

Telecom Technology Consulting

We focus on operational, financial, and technology needs required to drive tangible business solutions for telecommunication carriers, cable and satellite video services, as well as tower and fiber infrastructure providers.

Operational Cost Transformation

Constructing end-to-end, actionable cost views across product, network, video, and carrier interconnection content to optimize business results.

Financial Operations Excellence

Enabling industry-leading cost and revenue ratio management solutions by implementing proven best practices.

Pricing & Product Leadership

Optimizing pricing and margins by streamlining the product delivery process, allowing for adaptable pricing and product solutions.

Systems & Process Innovation

Organizing holistic business process transformation and enabling agile solutions for legacy OSS/BSS workflows.

Analytics and Technology

Virtually every client engagement starts with an analysis of disparate data files, which plays to our fundamental strengths. We will leverage our big data platforms, AI/ML methodology, and other appropriate technology to reveal insights hidden deep in the data.

Our implementation of enterprise applications, proof-of-concept tools, AI-based platforms, and outsourced managed analytical services yields efficient and targeted business outcomes for our clients. After all, NRG understands your business, what causes you problems, and how to turn technology into solutions that drive results.

Program Management

Our Telecom and Media professionals include program management among their many talents. Each of our client engagements relies on our consultants’ skills and expertise, which consistently drive results through a disciplined program management approach.

In fact, Program Management is a service our clients often seek from us. Whether it is a particularly complex implementation, outsourcing or deployment, NRG Program Management services are highly valued in the telecom and media space due to our extensive operational experience.

Featured Case study

Optimized Infrastructure Design for New Technology Platform Results in NPV of $100M+

An industry-leading Fortune 50 services organization engaged Northridge to perform an inventory analysis with the goal of evaluating the long-term cost-benefit of employing a new technology infrastructure. Read more about the results of our analysis.

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With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit, and governmental agency, we have the team to help you achieve your goals.

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