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Telecom and Technology

Utilizing Advanced Data Analytics to Optimize Vendor Relationships and the Use of Technology

Your Team is Busy Enough

In many organizations, key stakeholders are expected to respond quickly with tasks related to the management of complex, critical telecom and technology resources—activities that are vital for growing revenues, containing costs, expanding services and delivering exceptional customer experiences. New digital technologies present both opportunity and risk, creating serious obstacles for IT professionals tasked with balancing growth requirements and spending constraints.

The Northridge Group offloads the burden of Telecom and Technology management.

Supported by decades of Technology and Telecom professional management experience, our collaborative approach equips your organization with a more efficient and holistic response to the entire Telecom and Technology management lifecycle.

Our services address a full range of telecommunications challenges including telecom expense management and cost modeling, volume management (voice and data), contractual and regulatory management, invoicing, vendor management and emerging technologies.

In all cases, our first priority is to help your business identify the right technology solutions for your precise business and organizational needs.

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Taking Technology and Telecom Professional Management to the Next Level

Our priority is to help your business identify the right technology solutions for your precise business and organizational needs by providing the following services:

Technology Assessment

Evaluation of the leverage and effectiveness of technology solutions and, if appropriate, the identification of new technologies.

Technology Roadmapping

A collaborative, outcome-based process that carefully aligns technology infrastructure with your organization’s goals and business strategy.

Unified Communications

Assisting clients with the replacement or upgrading of current phone systems and contact center and voicemail products with the end goal of improving customer experience, increasing end-user and IT staff productivity.

Lifecycle Management

A telecom and technology lifecycle management approach that utilizes a usage-based chargeback mechanism to drive accountability and improve decision-makers’ visibility into services and resources.

Inventory Management

An initial inventory of services-by-location, followed by the ongoing reconciliation of invoices and change orders against baseline inventory.

Audit and Cost Optimization

Expert audits to identify volume and pricing errors, and cost optimization to improve the efficiency of bundled services on a go-forward basis

Benchmarking, Contract Negotiations and Sourcing

The benchmarking and negotiation of contractual terms, and the alignment of current and future requirements with vendor offerings and marketplace trends.

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Telecom Expense Management

We help you gain control of technology expenses and management with our integrated TEM offering. Our solution finds real cost savings, delivering 5 to 10x ROI in-year, and provides you with a complete picture of your network.

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We are uniquely equipped to bring your organization’s most important infrastructure and service projects in on time and on budget.

Staffed by professionals with management experience from some of the world’s most successful corporations, Northridge Telecom and Technology Management consultants understand that the achievement of business goals is the only real gauge of effective telecom and technology strategy.

Learn How We Achieved $400M in Network Cost Savings for Our Client

Seasoned Professionals, Experts in Their Field

“… a lot of consulting firms are very good at bringing you people, but they don’t bring experience. I want consultants to teach me something. The people Northridge brought were very seasoned, intelligent people who know what works and what doesn’t work in a practical sense …”

Former Contact Center Architect, Leading Insurance Carrier

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