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Telecom Expense Management

Our Telecom Expense Management Consultants Curtail Your Technology Spending

 Managing Today’s Telecom Spend for Tomorrow’s Technology

From traditional fixed-voice, mobile and data to the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices are must-haves – and a major expense – for your business.

Northridge can help you gain control of your telecom expenses.

We know it can be difficult to cut costs and effectively control your technology spend, while, at the same time, addressing the explosion in bandwidth and mobility requirements.

This challenge is compounded by constantly changing telecom services, rates, networks, and invoices. Often the sheer volume of devices makes cost management an enormous challenge. Add an increase in mobile devices and connected technologies to the equation and you need innovative processes and tools to drive out costs, manage growth, deliver greater visibility, and ensure a secure inventory.

We are specialists in telecom service provider consulting and excel in minimizing expense costs for our clients.

  • Northridge’s integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) approach finds real cost savings, delivering 5 to 10x ROI in-year, and provides you with a complete picture of your network.
  • We offer a permanent solution to cost management. The expense optimization realized in the first phase of our engagement is only the beginning.
  • While many TEM consultants and software providers leave clients struggling to maintain initial savings, Northridge collaborates with you to implement the process and tools that allow you to effectively manage your own communication needs into the future.


Our Wireline and Wireless Telecom Expense Management Services

Contract Review & Negotiation

A centralized repository of all contracts and a review of pricing, inclusive of equipment costs, device costs and potential conversion cost. We negotiate for best-in-market rates and terms based on our client’s needs.

Benchmark & Sourcing

Perform a comparison of rates, terms, and conditions to identify the best available for comparable spend. We also perform a current state analysis and create a strategic proposal to ensure best-in-class rates, coverage and Service Level Agreements.

Procurement & Order Fulfillment

Management of efficiency placing orders with carriers and enforcement in ordering in accordance with corporate policy. We validate and track services for timely delivery and offer self-service activation of mobile services.

Inventory Management

Inventory build of all assets using CSR, portal information and billing data. Consolidation and ongoing maintenance of inventory. Data analytics and asset reporting capabilities.

Invoice Management

Validation and timely processing of invoices, elimination of late payment charges, and automated customer GL Allocation. Customized process efficiencies and integration into financial systems for auto-pay functionality.

MDM Support for Wireless Services

Define client specific requirements, provide data security and a holistic view of devices and plans.

Wireless Help Desk

Multiple service plans available to support mobile users. Ticket-based system, and user guides and self-help support as well as employee support in native language.

Audit & Optimization

Rate verification of invoices and identification of anomalies. Pooling to prevent data overage charges. Visibility into voice and data spend, providing trend reports and data analysis.

Dispute Management

Identification of erroneous billings. Filing dispute claims and tracking through resolution and recovery. Monthly review of disputes and reporting received and annualized cost savings.

A Complete TEM Solution on One Platform

In addition to our service capabilities, Northridge offers a Communications Management Platform that provides you the self-service ability to effectively audit your telecom spend, optimize your voice and data plans and manage your inventory using a single platform. Complete with flexible reporting and business intelligence tool integration, our sophisticated platform includes:

Network & End User Inventory
  • Services, devices, equipment
  • Invoice costs
  • Contracts
  • Corporate structure
  • Integrated data views
  • Validated & updated inventory
Cost Management
  • Invoice processing
  • Financial management
  • 3-way match audit
  • Mobile optimization
  • Allocation and rebilling
Service Management
  • Service orchestration
  • Help center
  • Self-service procurement
  • Employee presentation
  • Manager presentation
Performance Insights
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Data visualizations
  • Detailed cost inventory
  • Spending trends
  • Cost savings reporting
  • Cost comparisons

The Northridge Difference

  • Firm founded in 1999 by telecom industry executives.
  • Proven telecom expense optimization for the world’s largest networks and enterprises with thousands of locations and multi-layered organizational structures.
  • Aggressive in-year ROI with gains throughout the life of the contract.

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Trusted Advisors, Results Delivered

“Northridge delivered. They told me what they thought they could find in the way of savings and they found it. They have good analytical capabilities, but the key was the industry knowledge they bring to the table. Trust is huge. They’ll deliver as promised.

Divisional SVP, Large Healthcare Firm

Our TEM platform allows you to:

Streamline and automate management of tasks
Uncover insights and gain true visibility
Increase ROI and improve cost take-out
Enable fact-based network transformation

Case Study

Read How a Telecommunications and Optimization Audit Resulted in $1.4M in Annual Savings for a Healthcare Insurer

Access the Case Study

Northridge’s Telecom and Technology Solutions

Our priority is to help your business identify the right technology solutions for your precise business and organizational needs by providing the following services:

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