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Disciplined Program Management Approach

Case Studies / Quality Monitoring

The Northridge Group Delivers a Quality Management Solution for a Communications/Technology Provider



  • Northridge was engaged to assess and improve global quality management for a Fortune 100 communications/technology provider in North America, South America, Europe, and EMEA and to align quality management with business results for sales/service programs.


  • Northridge conducted interviews with 230+ stakeholder/SME’s across multiple continents to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the current state as viewed from across the organization.
  • Northridge’s current state assessment of Quality Management operations identified many regional challenges to quality management, such as the need to support multiple languages, as well as challenges common to all regions.


  • Through its comparison of current state to best-in-class practices and industry benchmarks, Northridge identified gaps and prioritized initiatives to improve business processes, sales growth, and customer service
  • Northridge developed and prioritized a comprehensive set of recommendations for improvement in the people, process, and technology areas to meet the future demands of the provider’s clients
  • Northridge created an implementation roadmap of improvements, prioritized based on business impact and alignment with identified corporate goals

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