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Case Studies / Business Process Optimization

Optimization of Voice Response Menu Drives Improved CX and Cost Savings

Healthcare Industry


  • Due to overly complex and confusing menu options, customers were becoming frustrated as to how to respond, which lead to excess cost for the enterprise to serve the customer.
  • Northridge was engaged by a client to optimize their Voice Response Menu, where the services provided were complex and required unique, highly skilled agents to support their customers.
  • Northridge developed a set of specific recommendations relative to their routing, scripting, and menu options that allow the client to improve customer satisfaction, lower misdirect calls, transfers, and optimize the call queues.


  • Misdirects due to multiple, inconsistent Voice Response Menus with complex multi-level scripts reduced from 16% to 3% by streamlining the design.
  • Enhanced the Automated Call Distribution (ACD) environment to route calls based upon skill, priority and agent availability, fully leveraging the capabilities of their ACD.
  • Enabled systemic analysis of traffic and routing, rather than the manual ad-hoc analysis the client had been performing.
  • Integrated Workforce Management recommendations, and consolidated queues enabling significant operational savings

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