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Northridge Deep Dive into Data Reveals Optimal Geographic Locations for Fortune 50 Telecom Enterprise Infrastructure Build

Telecom Industry


  • ​A Fortune 50 Telecom enterprise partnered with The Northridge Group to analyze and prioritize the best geographic locations for an infrastructure build investment project.
  • Location prioritization necessitated the collection and mining of data to answer the following questions:
    • What is the scope of client’s current spending across services and infrastructure?
    • Where is the current spend located?
    • What geographic groupings deserve the most focus?
    • What is the incremental opportunity?
    • What is the estimate of cost to build?


  • Gathered, normalized, and integrated data from multiple sources and platforms relating to location, current spend, infrastructure costs, network points-of-interconnection, etc.
  • Reviewed markets by developing grouping methodologies to assess distance between locations and existing level of infrastructure.
  • Executed multiple scenarios based on a set of 6 unique use-cases that varied by minimum locations in the grouping and maximum geographic distance between locations.
  • Created a summary by use-case and fiber ring of critical financial attributes including CAPEX, NPV, IRR, cost savings, locations, and circuits.

Business Impact

  • Delivered prioritized set of fiber build use-cases for potential infrastructure build backed by in-depth data analysis with drill-through to location, circuit, and customer details.
  • Clear and visual plot map showcasing market overview with drill-downs into specific opportunities provided easy-to-read and understand overview of findings.
  • Recommended builds require a multi-million dollar spend in CAPEX, but generate IRRs 2X the hurdle rate in 5 years.

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