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Contact Center Operational Readiness Results in Realization of Key Benefits for Energy Utility Company

Utility / Energy Company


  • A municipally-owned energy utility company was implementing a Call Center Optimization program which included a new telephony and contact center management system to provide new capabilities for call routing, agent queuing, workforce optimization, call recording, and analytics. These initiatives were needed to successfully achieve the levels of personalization, efficiency, and quality expected by their customers.
  • With the Contact Center Modernization Initiative underway, the company engaged Northridge to ensure the operational teams were completely equipped and the processes updated, to fully leverage the benefits of the new systems.


  • In collaboration with the utility company’s leadership and technical teams, Northridge developed a comprehensive Operational Readiness Plan which included:
    • The identification, documentation, and prioritization of key business process changes and training requirements necessary to support the transition to the new system with a specific focus on:
      • Workforce management
      • Reporting
      • Quality monitoring
    • Recommendations on the change management approach that would be required to successfully implement the new solutions and realize the planned benefits.
    • Presentation of final findings, recommendations and a proposed roadmap for effective change management.

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