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Data. Insight. Creativity. Innovative technology solutions for your business needs

A One-Size-Fits-One Approach

What’s innovation? Innovation is coming up with new answers to new questions. It’s taking what we know and applying it to what we are learning about our clients. It’s creating custom, unique growth-creating programs.

Innovation is the will to work so we find your perfect solution, every time.

Deep Sector Knowledge

We know what’s worked in your field. We know what hasn’t. We know how to apply those lessons to your unique business.

Continuous Learning

Institutional learning is the hallmark of Northridge. Veterans impart wisdom and rookies bring fresh insight, all working together.

Innate Curiosity

“Let’s try this” is what you hear most around our office. You’ll never get an outdated approach.

A Deep Toolbox

With five broad areas of expertise and a team of experts, our company has the capabilities to provide exactly what you need.

A Mix-and-Match Approach

Curiosity and knowledge bring together customized, tailored solutions from our toolbox. It’s never off-the-shelf. We do whatever works for you.

Advanced Data Analytics

It’s not guesswork. Our ADA lets us fully understand how your customers operate, what their stumbling blocks are, and what they need.

Future-Proof Solutions: Solving the Right Problem with Technology

It’s easy to tell you what’s hot right now. It’s better to set you up for the best tools you’ll be using two, five, even 10 years down the road.

Our knowledge of advanced technology lets us create solutions that help you anticipate and incorporate future developments in tech and culture.

We make sure you’re working right today. We make sure you’re already prepared for tomorrow.

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Featured Case study

Solving for the Right Problem: 95% Research, 5% Implementation

A major U.S. Travel Company improved its policy roll-out through training efficiency and agent engagement.

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Our Innovation Pipeline

Challenge Assumptions

It’s easy to assume that if something worked for X it’ll work for Y. Too often, that means running into problems down the road, because X is never Y. So when we assume that something will work, we have to ask ourselves why we think so? We have to test that idea against reality. We have to recognize that the quickest answer is rarely the right one.

Identify the Right Problem

This seems obvious, but it is easy for people to only see the problem they already know they can solve. We don’t let bias get is our way of correctly identifying the correct issue or issues that are making you less efficient and less profitable. It’s only by seeing past our assumptions and finding the right problems that we can find the right solution.

See Through a Different Lens

We pride ourselves on looking at people, processes, and technology through a different lens. We put ourselves in the point of view of your customers and employees and see things from their perspective. This allows us a fresh viewpoint and lets us see around corners and past the horizon so that we can prevent problems from popping up again.

Hands-On and Highly Engaged

“Northridge was very hands-on and highly engaged in each step of the project. This is a refreshing difference among consulting groups who often spend much time in a learning curve themselves with very little new information as an output. Northridge brought new, insightful information that has been used to improve efficiency in our operation.”

Contact Center Site Director, Fortune 50 Healthcare Firm

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Innovation That Comes From Our Range of Services

At Northridge, we never funnel you into one field. We can create a comprehensive and holistic program from all of our fields of expertise.

Talk To Us About Your Organization

With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit, and governmental agency, we have the team to help you achieve your goals.

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