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Healthcare Consulting Services

High-Value Healthcare Consulting Services for Payers & Providers

The Healthcare Challenge

U.S. healthcare spending is twice that of any other country in the world. As we approach the four trillion dollar mark, annual healthcare costs account for almost 18% of our GDP, resulting in a lot of inefficiency and waste, as well as many dissatisfied members, patients, physicians, and care staff members. Northridge can help.

How We Provide Value

The Northridge Group equips our best-in-class clinical and healthcare experts with industry-leading analytics tools to drive efficiencies, reduce waste and improve the healthcare experience. Through data analytics, process optimization and clinical expertise, we help our healthcare clients navigate these critical pain points so that they can get back to serving the interests of their patients and members.

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We understand what you’re up against  – and we’re here to help. 

Our healthcare consulting services can enhance and enrich your health enterprise to improve the end-to-end experience, streamline processes and uncover revenue and cost-saving opportunities. The Northridge difference is our proven methodology, pairing data analytic insights with clinical experience, clinical informatics, and deep operational expertise to create meaningful change.

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Northridge Brings Experience

“The Northridge Group understood our business better than any other consultants I’ve ever worked with.”

Director, Fortune 100 Healthcare Payer

Our Healthcare Consulting Services

Whether you’re a healthcare payer looking to improve operational performance or a healthcare provider seeking innovations to help transform your organization, Northridge has the solution to meet your needs. 

Read about a recent client success.

Member and Provider Experience  

In the healthcare continuum, the end-to-end experience of your members and providers is key to your organization’s success. By combining our best-in-class customer experience consulting capabilities with deep clinical and healthcare expertise, we can help drive improvements in provider and member experience, while improving the speed, accuracy, and quality of the healthcare delivery experience. 

Operational Transformation 

Whether you’re a payer or a provider, our high-impact healthcare solutions will help you eliminate waste within your clinical and business  operations. Our services address claims processing efficiency, clinical staffing optimization, call center operations, workforce management and training. We offer tailored solutions to fit your specific needs.  

Advanced Data Analytics 

We take a thoughtful approach to data analytics by integrating multiple, disparate data sources to reveal operational  insights, leading to an actionable roadmap that will drive meaningful outcomes.

Collaboration Meets Expertise 

By combining process expertise, customer and data insights, and clinical and healthcare acumen, our clients receive best-in-class solutions to solve today’s most challenging healthcare operational issues leading to transformational results within their organization.

Read about a recent client success.

Healthcare Experience coupled with clinical expertise and clinical informatics 

We pair clinical informatics experts and healthcare and clinical leaders with our core consulting team to deliver robust and highly tailored solutions to help our healthcare clients tackle their toughest issues. 

Customer Experience 

We apply Northridge’s proven methodology and competencies to solve your healthcare payer and provider issues with a collaborative approach to solutioning that improves the member and provider experience. 

Data Analysis and Insights  

We leverage our clinical expertise to maximize our advanced data analytics capabilities, yielding clinical and healthcare insights that will help you make more informed decisions and optimize your health enterprise’s operations.   

Process Expertise 

We have deep experience with a variety of process methodologies and specialize in optimizing business processes to help you solve your toughest healthcare problems.  Member satisfaction often stems from upstream process issues. 

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Healthcare Client Success

Customer Service Transformation Drives $70M+ in Operating Savings and Improved CX

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