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Contact Center Operational Assessment

Analyzing Your Contact Center Operations for Optimal Effectiveness and Efficiency

How Operational Assessments Can Transform Contact Center Business Processes

The Northridge Group is dedicated to assessing all business process operations and offering unique solutions tailored to challenges clients face within their contact centers.

Our operational assessment solutions have a proven record for driving key business outcomes that transform Contact Center business processes, resulting in more efficient operations and an increase in ROI.

Contact Center operational assessments are performed by reviewing existing documentation, interviewing key stakeholders, and analyzing available reporting and operational data. Contact Center processes we often assess include:

  • IVR Design and Self-Service Capabilities
  • Contact Routing and Queuing
  • CSR Contact Handling
  • Operational and Management Reporting
  • Workforce Management and Scheduling
  • Contact Recording and Quality Management
  • Training and Coaching
  • Knowledge Management
  • Alternative Channel Offerings
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Business Continuity

“Fantastic job.”

“I’m not a huge fan of consultants in general, but NRG made a believer out of me with the end results and the level of detail they exercised in putting their data and recommendations together. Truly industry experts and on the cutting edge of call center design, function, and best practices. Great to work with and while on-task, also very flexible to fit our needs on the fly. Thank you!”

Sr. Manager Member Contact Center, Leading Credit Union

Our Approach

The Northridge Group’s current state assessment is the first step in the process of standardization, consolidation and transformation of Contact Center business processes and technologies.

Approaching each project with an outside-in view, our team of proven experts enables your organization to drive to best-in-class contact center operations.

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Northridge’s Contact Center Management Solutions

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of your company’s success. Our Contact Center Management consulting services deliver improved operational performance and increased revenue by optimizing the customer experience, leveraging contact center interactions to build lifelong brand advocates and marketplace differentiation.

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