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 Mystery Shopping

A Real-Time, Real-World Diagnostic

of Agent Performance

Highlighting critical behaviors

through real-time customer interactions

It’s critical for today’s call center agents to be able to assist customers in a wide range of scenarios, from making a purchase to resolving a service issue. In order to assess the continued effectiveness of front-line personnel, businesses should consider a Mystery Shopping & Survey program.

The Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Northridge’s Mystery Shopping & Survey program allows businesses to test program and process adherence. While different from other Quality Monitoring Programs, it complements them nicely. Quality Monitoring programs provide a holistic view into many types of customer interactions, while telephone Mystery Shopping allows a highly-targeted approach to the types of customer insights gleaned by controlling the tone and purpose of the call. The insights are very focused on specific areas of importance for an organization.

Mystery Shopper Program Reduced Fortune 100 Firm’s Financial Risk by $3.5M

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Months of Mystery Shopping


Improvement in Compliance Across Contact Centers


Reduction in Potential Compliance Violations

Key Offerings of Northridge’s Mystery Shopping & Survey Program

Targeted Program Goals

Identify critical program goals and desired outcomes such as: adherence to current corporate standards, specific business objectives, compliance with regulations and soft skills expected of customer service representatives.

Measurement and Evolving Scenarios

Measure the service baseline, identify critical service gaps and pinpoint key service issues. Coordinate with the client on continuously evolving scripts and scenarios that utilize adaptive and agile language, allowing for unique, fresh experiences that are highly targeted to business success drivers.

Real-Time Results

Monitor performance through real-time interactions with customer service representatives. Based on the scenarios and key program goals, identify performance gaps and report on areas of improvement that will drive desired agent behavior.

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Mystery Shopping in the Digital Age

Northridge’s Quality Monitoring Solutions

At Northridge, our approach to quality monitoring focuses on customer impact and helping your organization continuously improve the customer experience.

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