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All companies say they care about Customer Experience but saying it, doing it, and seeing results are very different. After years of consulting with many leading brands, The Northridge Group has observed one consistent trait among industry leaders: those who are the best at managing their top line growth tend to have well-designed CX metrics and have embraced the scorecard as a key component to measuring and managing performance. With a well-established CX program, companies will have real-time visibility to customers’ moments of truth, and they will be able to spot trends, react swiftly, and gain strategic advantage.

Daren Moore, President of The Northridge Group, and Marriann Cole, Chief Strategy Officer, created a white paper that will provide you with the guiding principles for successful customer experience scorecards, how to view and organize your data, as well as guidance for governance. A clear line of sight to customer needs and preferences, coupled with analytics to identify the enterprise-wide opportunity for improved business value will drive prioritization and accountability are the keys to creating sustainable revenue growth.

Read the full white paper here.

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