Workforce Management Process Redesign Drives Improved Service and 13% Cost Savings for Fortune 50 Enterprise

Fortune 50 Healthcare Enterprise Achieves 13% Reduction in Operating Costs, Improved Customer Service with New Workforce Management Process

In addition to changing regulatory pressures and an industry in flux, a Fortune 50 enterprise in the healthcare sector faced widely fluctuating work volumes and complex customer-specific service requirements. The organization’s contact center performance was inconsistent, resulting in inefficiencies and increased operating costs.

Working closely with the client, The Northridge Group audited the company’s existing financial and business plans, as well as its workforce planning and management strategies. After conducting a comprehensive process evaluation, Northridge provided detailed and actionable recommendations to overhaul problematic processes across the organization.

Implemented with support from Northridge, the customized process roadmap reduced operating costs by 13%, increased resource utilization by 14%, and dramatically improved call center service consistency. Agent and employee morale at the Fortune 50 organization also rose significantly as a result of improved planning processes and reduced mandatory overtime. 

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